Call of Duty Mobile: More Season 2 updates have been revealed!

Season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile is just around the corner - soon we will have access to all the exciting features such as controller support, zombies mode, and others that Season 2 promises.

We are barely two days away from Season 2 and new updates have been released. Here are the latest updates.

Winter is here!

Ranked Season 2 runs from 11.25.2019 to 1.15.2020

  • New winter-themed rewards for ranked Multiplayer and Battle Royale!
  • Season 2 Premium and Free Battle Pass is here
  • New characters and themed content

Ranked Improvements

  • Season 2 starting rank will take into account your final rank in Season 1
  • Scoring experience has been balanced at higher ranks
  • Optimized ranked matchmaking to reduce wait times
  • Banned players will be removed from leaderboards
  • Improved scoring issues that occurred under rare circumstances
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Controller Support available!

  • Generation 2 and later wireless Playstation 4 and Xbox controllers are now supported in matches
  • Controller support is currently unavailable in lobby, store and loadout

*Controller users will be placed in the same matchmaking pool as Emulator users and Keyboard Docking users.

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Zombie mode is here! The long-awaited Zombie mode is now live with two different modes

  • Play classic Survival or objective-driven Raid mode on the Shi No Numa map
  • Find the Easter Egg to explore additional content
  • Unlock new Zombie content
  • New Limited-Time Modes
  • One-Shot, One Kill
  • First to 20 kills with a J358 Revolver wins!
  • Sticks and Stones
  • A mix of Melee, Molotovs and limited Operator Skills in this new mode. First to 20 kills wins!
  • Prop Hunt
  • Become either the hunter or be hunted in this popular Call of Duty mode!

New Map: Summit

  • Battle it out in this high altitude location from the Black Ops universe
  • Available for TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy and Frontline
  • Limited time holiday-themed Raid map
  • New Operator Skill and Scorestreak coming soon
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  • New map areas
  • Circus themed area
  • Snowy areas

Map improvements

  • Expanded the underground area of the bus station
  • New Limited Time Battle Royale Mode
  • Sniper Rifle Challenge - Become the last one standing while using a sniper rifle only
  • New weapon
  • M16 rifle that fires 5.56mm ammo
  • New Battle Royale Class coming soon!
  • Battle Royale holiday events coming soon!

Social Features

  • Daily Clan missions
  • Earn credits by completing clan missions
  • New Weekly and Season Clan ranking system
  • New XP bonus for playing with your friends

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Improvements and Optimizations

Ranked Mode

  • Season 2 starting rank will take into account your final rank in Season 1
  • Scoring experience has been balanced at higher ranks
  • Optimized ranked matchmaking to reduce wait times
  • Banned players will be removed from leaderboards
  • Improved scoring calculations that occurred under rare circumstances


  • Optimized the bullet penetration of certain walls in some MP maps
  • Optimized the mantling of various objects in MP
  • Improved natural lighting on MP maps
  • Added firing during hip fire to ADS transition
  • Added fixed joystick option in settings
  • Added a firing turn function in setting
  • Optimize the firing responsiveness in Multiplayer and Battle Royale
  • Slightly increased the charge up time of Sparrow operator skill
  • Slightly increased firing rate of LK24
  • Slightly increased Chicom damage, while reducing damage effectiveness at longer distances
  • Slightly increased range of the HG 40 while reducing damage effectiveness at longer distances
  • Slightly increased damage of BY15 and HS0405 shotguns
  • Slightly increased vertical recoil of Arctic .50 and extended the aiming time
  • Slightly increased the distance of DLQ33
  • Slightly reduced recoil of UL736 and M4LMG
  • Slightly reduced the lethality of AKS-74U at medium and long ranges and slightly increased recoil
  • Slightly increased recoil of AK117
  • Slightly reduced forward movement speed
  • Optic attachments will slightly affect ADS speed
  • Optimized recoil animations while in hip fire and ADS
  • Optimized reloading animation to sync with ammo increase
  • The improved bullet hit detection
  • Improved melee hit detection
  • Improved weapon firing control
  • Improved the firing sounds for all weapons
  • Optimized the equipment throwing and trajectory indicator
  • Optimized quick throw function in settings
  • Added kill confirmation sound
  • Added a marking system to multiplayer
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NEW MAPS - Could we see some new maps coming to BR?

Battle Royale

  • Slightly reduced damage taken when outside the safe zone
  • Improved the logic of safe zone spawn
  • Improved the information displayed on the minimap
  • Optimized recoil performance for lower frame rates
  • Improved accuracy of directional sounds of footsteps and weapons
  • Optimized the pursuit performance of FHJ for airdrop aircraft.
  • Optimized timing of thermal sights
  • Slightly increased Chicom damage, while reduced damage effectiveness at longer distances
  • Significantly increased the damage of gas bombs on Zombies
  • Slightly reduced the number of vehicle spawns
  • Improved control of certain vehicles
  • Optimized loading of vehicle assets
  • Added vehicle health indicator for driver
  • Improved logic of airdrop location
  • Reduced health of Zombie summoned by Toy Bomb
  • Slightly reduced the slowdown effect of EMP Drone
  • Resolved issue with EMP Drone colliding with obstacles
  • Improved camera behaviour for improved overall performance
  • Improved movement while using stairs
  • Improved movement while climbing through windows

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System and Client

  • Improved battery usage and temperature
  • Improved performance on minimum spec devices
  • Improved “Play Again” functionality
  • Improved game descriptions in mode selection
  • Added support for displaying HD images for avatars
  • Support for adding friends from profile information screen
  • Improved display information of players in matches
  • Various bug fixes

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