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15 Nov 2019

Call of Duty Mobile: Campaign mode coming?

Call of Duty Mobile: Campaign mode coming?

The MW story was a smash hit, so will a fresh adventure fill the 'coming soon' slot?

Call of Duty is a generation-defining game. It hooked people in with Modern Warfare 2 and has continued to deliver thrills and action to everyone until this day.

While Modern Warfare saw the spectacular return of campaign mode, the mobile version is lacking any story for players to really get their teeth into.

With millions of avid mobile gamers around the world, it would be such a cause of joy for a lot of Call of Duty players to see a CoD campaign mode hit the mobile game. 

EDGE OF THE SEAT: Modern Warfare's campaign is a cinematic triumph

Modern Mobile games such as Call of Duty, Modern Combat, PUBG, Mortal Kombat Mobile, Asphalt 9 and others all have console grade graphics, even Modern Combat has a really interesting story mode, it would be a really nice addition if Call of Duty adds a similar campaign mode to its mobile game.

In the home section of Call of Duty Mobile, among the Multiplayer, Battle Royale selection section, you will also find a coming soon section, some leaks and rumors suggest that a zombie mode is in development but personally I would prefer a campaign mode over a zombie mode and I hope that is under development too.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare just launched a few weeks ago on console and PC with a really good campaign mode.

 It would be amazing to have such a fantastic story on the go. The mobile game already has amazing graphics, controls, Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, what is left for me to regard the game as a complete package is a good campaign mode.