Call of Duty Mobile: How to dominate Rockets Only mode

What makes Call of Duty Mobile a superb game is the regular addition of game modes.

Game modes that are added only for a short while are usually placed under the Featured in Multiplayer mode while Core consists of modes that are at least semi-permanent.

COD Mobile includes a new Rockets Only game mode, which gives all the players access to the SMRS Rocket launcher. This game mode is only available for a short period of time.

Rockets Only

The Rockets Only game mode comprises of two teams of five players. 

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DOMINATION: Crush your opposition in the new 5v5 game

In this game mode, as the name suggests, players can only use the provided rocket launcher.

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The first team to reach 30 kills is declared the winner. Rockets Only challenge is also in the Events section, it involves players completing certain missions to earn credits and battle crates.

Key tips for dominating

Using a rocket launcher is a little more clunky than using a regular weapon especially for new users.

Firstly, you can only have one round loaded any point in time, this means that you must reload after each shot so be sure to pick your moments carefully.

Perhaps most importantly though, you cannot set auto-fire when using a rocket launcher. 

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BOOM: Choose your moment to strike with care

Finally, even after pressing the fire button, your character will take some time to aim before he fires.

Keeping your distance is crucial to success here, but it will require patience and good timing. If you get caught in the fray then a stray rocket can ruin your day.

As ever with rockets, while cover is your friend standing in front of a wall is your doom. Be sure your opponent can't score a kill by hitting a nearby object!

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