Warzone Season 6 Content Roadmap: What's new in the next title update?

Black Ops Cold War's final season of Warzone content is going to be worth checking out and we have everything you need to know about the Season 6 content roadmap below. There's map changes, new weapons, and a few other things worth mentioning... You won't want to miss this one.

CONFIRMED - Quick-fire Content Roadmap guide

Call of Duty has released their Season 6 Content Roadmap and there's a lot to get excited about if you're a Warzone player. Here's a run-down of everything you need to know about.

Verdansk Map Changes

  • New Fissures
    • Explosions underground change Stadium and Downtown;
  • WWII Bunkers
    • A new set of WWII-era bunkers will be added to Verdansk '84;
  • Original Gulag
    • A Gulag inspired by the first Modern Warfare-era Gulag will replace the current Gulag;
Warzone Season 6 Content Roadmap Gulag
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LONG LIVE THE KING - We can't believe its finally coming back!

New Weapons

  • .410 Ironhide Shotgun
    • Lever-action shotgun. High damage at close range with an improved fire rate. Reliable 2-shot kill with a short 1-shot range.
  • Grav Assault Rifle
    • Full-auto assault rifle. Fast firing rifle with improved range. Fastest bullet velocity in class with modest damage and moderate recoil.
  • Battle Axe Melee Weapon
    • Two-handed melee weapon. Double bit axe with a straight wooden handle for powerful swings. Fell your foes and use them as kindling.
    • Full-auto submachine gun. Lightweight prototype with reliable damage and good firing control. Improved handling and range with a slower fire rate.
  • Hammer and Sickle Melee Weapon
    • Dual wield melee. A powerful union between industrial and agricultural tools. Demonstrate the strength of labour with deadly melee attacks at close range.
Warzone Season 6 Content Roadmap Hammer Sickle
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COMRADES - We can't believe they've added these, either!

2021 Halloween Event

  • The Haunting
    • The Haunting of Verdansk returns on October 19th - more information will be available on October 18th;

New Operators

  • Alex Mason (NATO)
    • Mason is going to be available at Tier 0 of the Season 6 Battle Pass;
  • Fuse (Warsaw Pact)
    • Fuse will be available in-season via Store Bundle;
Warzone Season 6 Content Roadmap
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MASON - Imagine dropping into Hospital with Mason, Woods, Price, and Ghost!

CONTENT ROADMAP - What do we know about so far?

We're still waiting for Treyarch to drop their Season 6 content roadmap - our bet is that this is going to arrive on Thursday, September 30th. However, we do know a little bit about what's coming to Warzone already - thanks to the Season 6 Intro Cinematic that was released earlier this week.

Alex Mason is going to be the Battle Pass Operator for Season 6 - featuring prominently in the Cinematic and the Season 6 key artwork. In addition to this, Warzone's Verdansk '84 is going to undergo some drastic map changes.

As you can see in the video below, Adler's planted a series of seismic charges underneath Verdansk and, well... They have gone off.

Stadium and Downtown are going to be up-ended and destroyed in Season 6 - we could even see this destruction stretch to Hospital and beyond. It feels like these map changes are coming a little late, given the fact that Verdansk is going to be replaced when Vanguard releases, but it's better than nothing.

START DATE - When does Season 6 drop?

Warzone Season 6 is scheduled to release alongside Black Ops Cold War Season 6 at the following times:

  • 21:00 October 6th - PST
  • 23:00 October 6th - EST
  • 04:00 October 7th - BST

In the past, seasonal updates for Warzone have had a mix of "At Launch" and "In-Season" content. We won't know what's going to be available when Season 6 launches on October 7th and what will be available later until the Season 6 content roadmap is revealed in full.

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