Next Warzone update is bringing back Original Gulag layout for Season 6

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Season 6 is almost here and that means another Gulag update is on the way to Warzone - the difference this time is that Warzone is headed back in time and we're getting the original Gulag layout back! Sadly, Verdansk is still going to be Verdansk '84, but... You can't win them all, right? Here's everything you need to know.

UPDATE - The rules haven't changed

Call of Duty has confirmed that "the rules haven't changed" with the new Gulag, but what does this mean?

Well... It means that you're still in a 1v1 single-life situation with a limited loadout - but does this mean we'll see Modern Warfare weapons back in the Gulag? It's hard to say, but unlikely.

Warzone Season 6 Original Gulag
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SAY GOODBYE TO THE PLYWOOD - Thank god for that

Warzone's ground loot has been full of Black Ops Cold War weapons since the integration - completely removing all Modern Warfare weapons from rotation - and we don't think this new Gulag is going to change that.

Why? Because of this line in the Call of Duty Blog Post about the new Gulag...

" The arena may not be just as you remember it..."

This suggests that the new Gulag layout is going to look like the original Gulag, but it isn't going to be exactly the same. It's going to be a Cold War-era Gulag, for better or worse, until Vanguard integration later this year.

NEW GULAG - Inspired by the original

The OG (Original Gulag) is back and we can't wait - however, it's not all that it seems. Call of Duty has had this to say...

" Ready to relive your first Gulag duels? Season Six’s Gulag is inspired by the original trio of 1v1 maps within the Verdansk of 2019, and based on the Modern Warfare® Gunfight map variant. This takes place in an undisclosed and sectioned-off level of the deep Zordaya Prison Complex."

However, they followed this up with a statement about not everything being exactly as we remember it. This could mean there are some minor tweaks to the layout or some sort of expansion to the Gulag - Black Ops Cold War Gulag maps have been much bigger than this one.

Warzone Original Gulag Season 6
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DOWNTOWN - The Gulag isn't the only thing changing...

We'll see some Patch Notes from Raven Software next week - but for now, we'll have to speculate what changes are coming to the original Gulag...

RELEASE DATE - When does Season 6 start?

The OG is back at the start of Season 6 and this means we know when to expect the switch in Warzone. Black Ops Cold War's content will go live simultaneously in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, too.

Season 6 is expected to start at the following times next week:

  • 21:00 October 6th - PST
  • 23:00 October 6th - EST
  • 04:00 October 7th - BST

We should see confirmation of this soon - and there's a lot more Warzone content coming. Verdansk is undergoing a bit of a face-lift in the next title update and there are a few new weapons worth talking about...

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