How to Download Warzone Caldera

Warzone Caldera

Warzone Caldera

Warzone 2 is here, and Al Mazrah has brought a whole new Battle Royale experience to Call of Duty, including tons of new weapons to get to grips with. There are new vehicles to help you explore the largest map we've seen yet, and a brand new Battle Pass system to work through.

The original Warzone isn't finished just yet though. If you're still keen to prove yourself on Caldera, now you can with the relaunch. Here's everything you need to know about how to drop in for a nostalgia trip.

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Warzone Caldera Relaunch

The original Warzone which appeared with Modern Warfaren 2019 will now be relaunching, as Warzone Caldera. Fans will be able to access the standard Battle Royale playlist and drop into Caldera as if nothing has happened.

Warzone Caldera
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Unfortunately, Rebirth Island and Fortunes Keep will not be available on relaunch, but we are expecting to see similar maps appear in Warzone 2 very soon.

Warzone Caldera will have its own progression system carried over, and from the respective Call of Duty titles, but will not transfer from Warzone 2. In addition, the Battle Pass and MW2 content will not transfer back to the game.

How to Install Warzone Caldera

Fans of Warzone may have been greeted by a 'missing data pack' message when logging in this morning, but there's an easy fix. Simply head over to your respective store, and search for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and the pack should be available for download.

On PS4 and PS5:

  • Head over to the PS4/PS5 home menu screen.
  • Select your Game Library.
  • Search for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Download Warzone Caldera.

On Xbox the process is exactly the same in the Xbox Store. For PC Players you'll need to use Battlenet:

  • Install the app from the official website.
  • Launch the app on your PC.
  • Search for Modern Warfare.
  • Launch the game.
  • Select the Warzone Caldera option and download it.

Happy Grinding!

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