Is Warzone 1 Shutting Down?

Warzone Caldera

Warzone undoubtedly redefined the battle royale genre, as well as Call of Duty, forever. What started with Blackout quickly turned into a Worldwide phenomenon, and gave us a fresh take on Call of Duty that has kept much of the player base around.

Warzone 2 is now live, and players around the World are getting to grips with Al Mazrah, and the new weapons and new vehicles. Here's everything you need to know about how the original Warzone will look after the update.

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Is Warzone 1 Shutting Down?

Good news for Warzone fans, is that Warzone 1 will not be shutting down. It will however be taking a short break, to allow devs to focus their attention on the new iteration. Fans will be able to play it for free beginning November 16th.

Here's the full plan of action for the original servers:

  • At approximately 8 AM PT on November 16, Call of Duty: Warzone servers will temporarily go offline as Call of Duty®: Vanguard Season Five concludes.
  • At approximately 10 AM PT, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 will be released as part of Modern Warfare II Season 01.
  • During this time, studio development resources (led by Raven Software) will be focused on ensuring the new Warzone 2.0 free-to-play ecosystem is running effectively.
  • At this time, you are encouraged to jump in and play Warzone 2.0 for free.
  • Once the Warzone 2.0 ecosystem is fully stable, and after a small development break for Thanksgiving for the developers who observe this U.S. holiday, Warzone is planned to be relaunched. This will happen at approximately 10 AM PT on November 28.

If you're planning to stick with the original game, you'll be able to hop back into Caldera from the 28th of November, but it will have a fresh look.

Warzone 1 Relaunch

Warzone will be relaunched in late November as Warzone Caldera, and will be a separate experience from the sequel. With the same guns and map as previously, it will be much the same experience.

Warzone Caldera
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Players who have played the original will be able to collect exclusive rewards as a token of Raven Games' appreciation. What these rewards will look like remains to be seen, but it will be a nice loyalty token for long-time fans.

CoD points will remain transferrable between the two titles, but any other purchases or progression will be exclusive to the respective Warzone titles.

Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep will also, unfortunately, be unavailable, but expect inspired maps like them to appear in Warzone 2.

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