Warzone 2 - How to get weapon XP fast

Warzone 2 Weapon XP

Warzone 2 Weapon XP

Warzone 2 is here on Al Mazrah, and there's a ton of new content to get to grips with whether you're a new player or a grizzled veteran. There's a revamped Battle Pass to work through, and prestige has finally arrived with the release of season 1.

Levelling up your weapons is crucial to unlocking the attachments you need, and can be a little time-consuming without a hot drop. Here's everything you need to know to save yourself the grind and level up your guns fast.

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Warzone 2 Most Wanted Strat

The most efficient way to grab weapon XP in Warzone 2 right now is unfortunately an exploit but is easy to pull off. Follow these steps and you'll be able to max a gun per game with a little bit of luck:

Warzone 2
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  1. Create a loadout with the gun you need to level up as primary weapon (for buy stations).
  2. Start a game of Battle Royale, any mode but solos.
  3. Find the gun you want to level up on the floor or quickly buy it from the buy stations.
  4. Grab a most wanted contract (ideally on the outside of the map).
  5. Every time you open a chest, loot something, etc. the timer will go down and will give you Weapon XP.
  6. Once you are at the end of the timer, as soon as it ends, open a chest and you will get double the XP.
  7. Do it again.

This will likely be patched out soon, but for now, it's one of the easiest ways to level up your guns in Warzone 2.

Safecracker Strat

Most wanted is the easiest way to score XP solo, but if you've got a squad with the same goal, there's an even quicker way. Follow these steps and you'll be able to level almost a gun per game in Warzone 2:

  1. Create a loadout with the gun you need to level up as a primary weapon.
  2. Launch the game.
  3. Collect cash to buy your primary weapon, or find it in floor loot.
  4. Grab a chopper or a way to move fast on the map.
  5. With your friends, do as many "Safecracker" contracts as possible. Split up to complete the contracts in a matter of seconds.
  6. Move to the next Safecracker contract and do it again.
  7. You can also do Most Wanted contracts once you've finished all the Safecrackers.

Make sure you have the gun you want to level up in your hand while you complete contracts, and you'll be able to unlock every attachment you'll need for Warzone 2 in no time.

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