Vanguard Season One Sawtooth Melee Guide: How to Unlock & Loadouts

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The Sawtooth Melee Weapon is the first functional melee weapon to be added to Vanguard and it's worth having if you plan to get up-close and personal with your opponents. Here's everything you need to know about how you can unlock the Sawtooth Melee Weapon and what loadouts you should check out if you want to use it.

Sawtooth - How to unlock this Melee Weapon

If you want to get your hands on this Melee Weapon, you're going to need to start levelling the Season One Battle Pass as soon as you're able to.

It's going to be available at launch as the free reward for reaching Tier 37 in the Season One Battle Pass. You'll also be able to unlock and access this weapon if you acquire a Weapon Blueprint for it from a Store Bundle. We don't know if it's going to be in the loot pool for this season's Warzone Pacific update yet, but it should be available in Zombies via the Mystery Box - if you want to try it out before you use it.

Vanguard Season One Sawtooth Content Roadmap
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CONTENT ROADMAP - The Sawtooth is just one part of this

Call of Duty has had the following to say...

" Sewn with shark’s teeth along the club’s perimeter, the Sawtooth can whack and slice up foes just as well as the FS Fighting Knife."

Loadout Options - You need to be quick for this

As the Sawtooth is a Melee Weapon, it isn't going to have a set of attachments in the same way a standard weapon would. However, this doesn't mean we can't recommend a Perk loadout to accompany your Sawtooth - this can also be applied to any other Melee Weapon in Vanguard.

Perk One Option

  • Dauntless - Immune to movement reducing effects;
  • Serpentine (New for Season One) - Sprinting reduces incoming damage;

Perk Two Option

  • Tracker - Enemies leave behind a footprint trail and death markers;
  • Radar - Enemies appear on your mini-map when firing unsilenced weapons;

Perk Three Option

  • Lightweight - Increase movement speed;
  • Double Time - Double duration of Tactical Sprint and faster crouch movement;

Vanguard Season One is due to start on December 8th on all platforms.

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