What is the Modern Warfare 2 Beta Level Cap?

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MW2 Task Force 141
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The Modern Warfare 2 beta is well underway, and players are loving the chance to get their hands on the brand-new taster. The beta is getting ready to open up to all players beginning tomorrow, so don't miss out!

The level cap is an unfortunate feature of all Call of Duty Betas, as Activision saves some of the content for release. Let's take a look at how far you can get as of yet, and what you can unlock.


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What is the Level Cap in the MW2 Beta?

Weekend one has recently wrapped up, which means its level cap is now a thing of the past. Level 15 was the highest available level, so for Xbox and PC players, don't worry, you don't have far to catch up.

MW2 beta rewards in game

As weekend two approaches, the level cap will now be raised, to Level 30. Each level will bring brand new rewards, with the respective level caps unlocking weapon blueprints, invaluable in the beta as not all attachments are unlocked.

To climb higher than level 30, or get into the realms of prestige, we'll just have to wait until Modern Warfare 2 Launches in late October.

Will Beta Progress Carry Over?

Unfortunately for early birds, the level progress you make in the beta will not transfer to the main game. However it shouldn't take long to catch back up, and levelling now is by no means pointless.

MW2 beta gameplay

Any rewards you earn for levelling during the beta will carry over to the main game and will be exclusive. This means you'll be able to flex on new players, and of course, when the time comes, the Christmas noobs.

Check out our full Beta guide for Modern Warfare 2, and how to download it, for all the information you could possibly need about getting into the action.