Modern Warfare 2 Beta: Rewards and System Requirements

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta is now in our sights, and for many, the download may be already underway. For Call of Duty fans, it's a great way to get some early XP under your belt, but there's more.

As with many previous betas, there are rewards to unlock the more you grind this weekend. Let's take a look at what's available.

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Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards

As you level up in the beta, you'll be able to unlock rewards such as calling cards, weapon blueprints, and even vehicle skins. Many of these rewards might just be exclusive to the beta, so don't miss out.

Weapon Blueprints in particular will no doubt give you an edge over the competition, so let's see what's available:

  • Smashed It animated emblem – unlocked at level 2
  • Buckle Up charm – unlocked at level 4
  • Passed The Test animated playing card – unlocked at level 6
  • Operation First Blood sticker – unlocked at level 10
  • Side Impact weapon blueprint – unlocked at level 15
  • Collision Operator skin – unlocked at level 18 (exclusive to week 2)
  • No Competition vinyl – unlocked at level 19 (exclusive to week 2)
  • Safety First sticker – unlocked at level 21 (exclusive to week 2)
  • Floor It vehicle skin – unlocked at level 26 (exclusive to week 2)
  • Frontal Impact weapon blueprint – unlocked at level 30 (exclusive to week 2)
Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards
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The level cap for the first weekend of early access will be 15, then will extend to 30 for the open beta the following weekend.

Modern Warfare 2 System Requirements

The beta will be fully playable on previous gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, but what about PC Players. The minimum and recommended system specs are listed below.

Listed by @ModernWarzone on Twitter, make sure you're up to date to get the best out of the beta. Always take recommended requirements with a pinch of salt though, as with the right settings the game should be playable on most PCs

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