Kenny: "Crowder has helped a ton by just getting the team on the same page and helping out with strategies."

Photo Credit: Austin Anderson

After making some critical roster changes, 100 Thieves have looked much improved after having a disastrous start to their Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 career. Kenny has been an integral member to that success and the 2018 console Rookie of the Year has a lot to say about the new direction for 100 Thieves.

myst: Jumping back to the cross-divisional play at the beginning of April, you guys impressed and most notably 3-0d OpTic Gaming. How are you guys feeling after those results? 

Kenny: Our cross-divisional play was good but not great. We lost a match that we weren’t looking to lose so there’s still stuff we need to work on. 

myst: Since the addition of Priestahh and Crowder as the coach, things have seemed to be finally clicking for you guys. How much has Crowder helped regarding strategies and overall team play?

Kenny: Crowder has helped a ton by just getting the team on the same page and helping out with strategies. First few weeks in, He instantly helped/improved the things we sucked at before we had him. Priestahh came on and is just so individually talented and loves the game of COD, plus, he’s an insanely good teammate.

myst: You have recently started to stream more often as of late, how has the support been towards your stream and how much are you enjoying it?  

Kenny: For streaming, I always enjoy doing it. Just stopped for a while to focus on getting better at the game individually. But lately, the stream support has been INSANE and I love it because it’s something I want to do/enjoy doing.

Photo Credit: Austin Anderson 

myst: Going forward to CWL London, you are placed in Pool A with OpTic Gaming, Enigma6 Group, and Team Reciprocity. This is arguably the “group of death” how are you and the team feeling going into CWL London?

Kenny: The team goes into all our events confident, so it’s the same going into London because we feel as if we win this pool in a dominant manner then it sets us up to win the event.

myst: You were a target of many fans and analysts at the beginning of the season but have silenced most of the doubters with your play as of late. What can you contribute to your spike in play as of late? 

Kenny: I just think that taking time off streaming and actually focusing on getting better at the game and focusing on the things I sucked at and actually attempting to fix it helped the spike in my gameplay late. Also, the Maddox plays to my type of playstyle and complements my gameplay.

myst: At the end of this interview, I would like to say thank you for partaking in this and do you have anything to say to your fans out there?

Kenny: No problem, I enjoy doing these. To the fans, The team is working endlessly to win you guys at least ONE championship but hoping for more :)

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