Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Most OP Weapons in MW (PS4, Xbox & PC)

OP weapons... You either love them or you hate them.

Most of the time you have to end up using them just to survive a public match without raging or watching your K/D rate sink.

This is most definitely apparent in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, with some weapons having already received a nerf after just two weeks of the game. Although, this hasn’t stopped them still being the best.

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To avoid broken controllers and loud bangs of desks breaking, we are here to help with the most OP weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare so you can keep up.

The best weapons in CoD

These are the most powerful weapons available in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and they are quite the mixed bag.

  • 725 Shotgun
  • M4A1 AR
  • MP5 SMG
  • Riot Shield

Firstly, the 725, well, it’s a beast! Incredibly annoying, frustrating and takes little skill to use… but nonetheless, it’s very good! Popular streamer Courage JD took note that players who use this gun are just typically bad players.

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UPROAR: The 725 is causing chaos even for the best

However, DrLupo responded by telling Courage to get good!

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GIT GUD: Sometimes there is no alternative

If you can’t beat them, join them. That’s the case with the 725 shotgun. Even after being hit with the most recent patch the gun still feels very overpowered and for those of you who didn’t know to what extent, just try it out.

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The M4A1 has been a fan favourite in many Call of Duty’s and it made its return this year in Modern Warfare. No surprise, it is one of the favourite Assault Rifles in the game currently due to its consistency, power, and accuracy. With the right attachments this gun really can be used in any scenario.

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M4A1: The ideal all-rounder

Once again, like the M4A1, the MP5 has made its return. The SMG has always been a solid weapon to use in Call of Duty and this doesn’t change now. If anything the gun is better than before and can be used to melt people getting in your way.

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With Infinity Ward introducing Gunsmith, any gun can be
changed significantly to perform in different ways. All the pros currently when
using the MP5 have the same attachments:

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GUNSMITH: You can twist any weapon to your needs

Last but not least, the Riot Shield. Without a shadow of a doubt, this has to be the best Riot Shield we have had to date in any CoD.

Why? Because when crouched it leaves no area of your body open and we mean none. Previously there has been ways to counter the riot shield by either hitting the top of the head or the feet… not the case this year.

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PROTECTION: The Riot Shield is an OP defensive weapon

Running the Riot Shield with the Overkill perk will allow you to use both the shield and another primary weapon. Why not couple it with the 725 shotgun to be the best in the lobby… or the most annoying because all you will be doing is getting lots and lots of kills and the opposition will become frustrated.

Do OP weapons ruin the game?

Call of Duty would not be Call of Duty without those weapons that are overpowered. There is always one or two that stand out from the rest, these have been discovered and whether or not they will stay on top is uncertain; this is because the game is only two weeks old and is subject to change with updates and new features.

Overpowered weapons are going to exist and that’s a fact, whether you like it or not and Infinity Ward have highlighted this will be the case. However, thus far in Call of Duty Modern Warfare the only issue the majority of players are getting frustrated with is just how good the 725 Shotgun is.

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725: The magic number

The Shotgun has not suffered enough from the most recent patch and many feel that it should be given less damage or one-shot rather than two. An example of this is the Ranger from MW2, a very good shotgun but not as OP.

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If the 725 is left in its current state, then the answer is
yes… OP weapons do ruin the game. Although, we here at RealSport know that the
game has only been out for two weeks and adjustments will be made as time goes

Let us know what you think about OP weapons and whether you
have discovered any classes that are simply amazing down below!

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