Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Best Secondary to run with your Loadout (PS4, XBOX & PC)

The Secondary should never be overlooked. It can make the difference between living & dying!

Let’s talk Secondary Weapons!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is well underway, with players now figuring out what Primary weapons they should and shouldn’t use for their play style.

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The Secondary, however, is always overlooked. Always.

Let’s be honest, we all care more about the Primary. The Secondary is, in many people’s opinions, useless – serving only to buy time before you’re inevitably taken down by an assault rifle. Well… that’s not the case.

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Secondary weapons in this year’s Call of Duty are very strong and extremely useful! We’re here to highlight what Secondary should be used and why.

Secondary Options

This year each player has the option to equip either a Handgun, Launcher or Melee weapon. Unlike previous years where you didn’t have to equip anything at all.

There are five Handguns, four Launchers and one Melee weapon in the Secondary classes to pick from.


  • X16
  • 1911
  • .357 (Magnum)
  • M19
  • .50 GS (Desert Eagle)

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  • PILA
  • Strela-P
  • JOKR
  • RPG-7


  • Combat Knife

Which is the Best?

The most basic of players would say, right then… which Handgun should I pick? Wrong! Although this is a viable option, if you want to be the best at Modern Warfare, you need to learn from the best.

Pros have quickly established that Combat Knife is one of the best options available.

DEADLY: Move quicker with a combat knife

Why? This is because when running with the Combat Knife, you are able to run quicker than running with either a Handgun or Primary Weapon.

In-game modes where reaching an objective before the opposition is vital, the Combat Knife is the weapon of choice.

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Not only are you able to run quicker, but panic knifing has returned.

If you are not using the Combat Knife when knifing someone, you will most likely hit them with your gun, which takes two attempts to kill someone.

With the Knife as your secondary, you will be able to pick up a kill with only one click.

When to use a Handgun

Yes, a Combat Knife should be the first choice. But, there’s a time and a place for the handgun.

When is the right time? If you are running either a Sniper or Shotgun class, using a Handgun as your Secondary may be your best bet at staying alive.

This is because a Shotgun is unable to gain kills from afar and using a trusty Handgun will be able to secure those longer range kills; a Sniper is best at killing those enemies who are in the distance, but struggles when the opposition are up close – this is when the Handgun comes into play!

RealSport suggests using either the .50 GS (Desert Eagle) – seen below.

OL’ FAITHFUL: The Desert Eagle is everyone’s favourite

Failing that, opt for the X16.

DEPENDABLE: The X16 is a trusty tool

This is because we’ve tested both to death (quiet literally) and they provide ample back-up for your Primary.

For the Team Players

Kill Streaks are extremely powerful in Modern Warfare, and so they should be as a reward for achieving them. However, it can become frustrating getting killed constantly by an enemy streak.

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For those of you who like to earn points and be a team player, why not run a Launcher to take out those enemy streaks?

The PILA has the ability to both lock onto enemy streaks and be fired at will. This makes it the ideal Launcher to use, whilst helping not only yourself out but the team as well!

BOOM: Takedown air support with the PILA

Let us know what you think is the best Secondary Weapon is to use in Call of Duty Modern Warfare down below!

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