Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The Best Shotgun Loadout to use in all game modes (PS4, Xbox, & PC)

Call of Duty has had its fair share of overpowered weapons, whether it be Modern Warfare 2’s 1887 akimbo shotguns, Black Ops 2’s M8A1 or the Bal from Advanced Warfare.

BUT this year there is a standout winner for the most overpowered weapon prize… the 725 Shotgun. Even if you don't know it, you will have come into contact with this beast at some point.

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Whether you are across the map on Ground War or next to the
enemy, the 725 will find a way to demolish its opponent.

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The Best Shotgun loadout

In Modern Warfare there are 4 shotguns available at this
moment in time, although this is subject to change and increase with future
DLC. These are:

  • Model 680
  • R9-0 Shotgun
  • 725
  • Origin 12 Shotgun

Each of these are viable in their own way, each are
successful in a variety of different situations. Nonetheless, one of these is
head over heels better than the rest - the 725.

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OP: This year's weapon of choice is easily the 725 Shotgun

Not only is the 725 better than all the other Shotguns, but would outperform most of the other weapons available in all Loadouts.

Yes, it’s really that good. It can kill people from afar, close up and even mid-range, all whilst being mostly a one shot kill, but at most two shots! While it's insane range has been scaled back in a recent update, it is still massively OP.

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The 725 is a break-action Shotgun with a 2-round capacity. A long back-bored barrel and cylindrical choke that keeps spread tight and lethal over extended ranges. Remember the KSG from Black Ops 2 and how far that shot? Well, times that by 10 and increase its accuracy, then we are getting nearer to just how good this gun is.

The Attachment combo to run

Whilst the 725 is extremely powerful in its base version, with no attachments, there is no harm in making it better and having the ability to one-shot people beyond 10 yards.

These attachments added to the 725 create a beast, whether you are running Overkill and using it as a secondary or just the standard primary weapon!

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THE PERFECT COMBO: These attachments take the 725 to another level

  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor – Adds sound
    suppression and increases damage over range
  • Barrel – Tempus Smooth Bore – Increases both aim
    down sight speed and pellet spread for more damage
  • Stock – Tempus Sport – Increases aim down sight
  • Underbarrel – Commando Foregrip – Increases recoil
    stabilization and aiming stability
  • Guard – FORGE TAC Steady Grip – Increases both aim
    down sight speed and sprint to fire speed

This combination of attachments will ensure that you are
able to maximise both damage and range, ensuring that you can practically snipe
people with a Shotgun. Most players whilst using a Shotgun, like to run and
gun, therefore, the attachments allow for players to aim quicker and be more

Is the 725 ruining player experiences?

Controversy surrounds this spectacular shotgun. Why? Because of just how good it is! Popular Streamers and CoD pros having been expressing their feelings towards just how powerful it is on twitter:

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CourageJD jokingly conveys how players who are still using the shotgun are not good people… he isn’t wrong. Using the 725 is a lot of fun, but getting destroyed by it, well… not so much.

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After the most recent patch which saw both the M4A1 and 725
get hit by nerfs, they both still seem to be amazing! DO NOT touch the M4, it’s
amazing, but the 725 could do with a little more change to balance it out!

Let us know down below what you think to the 725 and whether
it should be nerfed once again?

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