Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Day one beta review, nuke, tips & tricks

The first day of the Modern Warfare Beta has come to a close and the COD community is already putting forward their initial thoughts on the good the bad and the ugly.

The RealSport team dives into their first opinions of the Modern Warfare Beta!

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Game Modes

The Modern Warfare Multiplayer Beta has two options at this current moment in time which are:

  • Quick Play
  • Headquarters

Quick Play comprises a rotation of selected game modes and map types. These are Team Death Match (TDM), and two variants of Domination. One is 6v6, and the other is 10v10.

Headquarters - Capture and hold the headquarters to earn points for your team.

Having spent our time between both options available, we believe that as the weekend comes around, more modes and options to play in different playlists will become available.

However, both TDM and Domination are very enjoyable. TDM has the requirement of 100 kills across the whole team to win the game; in the more recent COD's, 100 kills to win is becoming the standard TDM score to win rather than 75.

Domination requires team work. If you are a solo player playing against a team who are communicating, it will be very difficult to win. Hop on with some friends to have the best chance of winning!

Maintaining two flag captures throughout the whole game consistently can be a difficult task, but is a lot of fun to work towards with a team.

Let us know what game modes you are looking forward to play! The RealSport team cannot wait for SnD to be introduced.


Infinity Ward had announced that the Nuke was returning to the Modern Warfare franchise, however, gaining one was no easy task (25 kills without dying).

Call of Duty pro Optic Karma managed to secure himself a Nuke on stream in his first ever game playing Modern Warfare... wow, that takes some skill!

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