Can you Pack a Punch the DIE Shockwave in Cold War Zombies?

Season 6 is going to be the final seasonal update for Black Ops Cold War and that means we're looking at the last bits of Cold War Zombies content. It seems only right that Treyarch starts experimenting, right? Well... If you're asking whether you can Pack a Punch the DIE Shockwave Wonder Weapon in Cold War Zombies, we have some good news.

PACK A PUNCH - Can you upgrade the DIE Shockwave?

Black Ops Cold War's Season 6 update is almost here and Treyarch has shared the complete Patch Notes for the next title update. Most of it is a little lacklustre, weapon tweaking and a new Playlist Update. However, some of it isn't...

According to the Season 6 Patch Notes, you should be able to Pack a Punch the DIE Shockwave at any Pack a Punch Machine in-game from the start of Season 6 onwards.

Pack a Punch Black Ops Cold War Die Shockwave
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The Patch Notes read as follows:

" The D.I.E. Wonder Weapon can now be upgraded at the Pack-a-Punch machine."

It is being referred to as the "D.I.E. Wonder Weapon" due to the fact that you can also Pack a Punch it with the interchangeable elemental weapon types. These are hard to come by anywhere outside of DIE Maschine, though - so, you'll be using the DIE Shockwave mostly.

UPDATE TIME - When does Season 6 come out?

Black Ops Cold War's next title update - introducing Season 6 and implementing the changes to the Pack a Punch Machine's relationship with the DIE Shockwave - is due to be released at the following times:

  • 21:00 October 6th PST
  • 23:00 October 6th EST
  • 04:00 October 7th BST

The new round-based Zombies map - Forsaken - will also be available from the time specified above and the new Perk-a-Cola - PhD Slider - will be available in-game from any Der Wunderfizz Machine from then. It's a good time to be a Cold War Zombies fan, really.

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