Forsaken Easter Egg Guide: How to defeat the Forsaken in Cold War Zombies

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Season 6 is here and the final Cold War Zombies round-based map is out now. Forsaken is challenging and there's a new Easter Egg to complete. Here's everything you need to know about the Main Quest and the steps you need to complete.

STARTING TIPS - Forsaken can get tough

There's no waiting around when you jump into Forsaken - if you're going to tackle the Easter Egg, you should make sure you're prepared.

Firstly, make sure you stay in the Staging Area to get some points together. It's important to note that the rounds don't stop in this area, but it's a good place to get a few thousand points easily. Death Perception is a useful Perk-a-Cola to pick up as Forsaken's map can get tight at times - this can be found in the Staging Area to the right of the Teleporter.

Black Ops Cold War Forsaken Easter Egg Wonder Weapon
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READY FOR IT? - Forsaken is tough, but rewarding...

Once you're through, you should pick up Jugger-Nog straight away. This is a no-brainer, really and you should have enough points after staying in the Staging Area for a little bit.

Another piece of advice is to avoid staying in the Observation Tower for too long - the Aetherium Crystals will start to damage you after a short period of time. Get in and get out or you could be jumping back into a fight at half health.

Also, when you're using an Arcade Machine, the Zombies won't attack you. So... This can actually be quite a good way to escape for a moment or two. Both the World at War and Der Eisenschrade Pinball Machine need an Arcade Token, though.

EASTER EGG GUIDE - Complete Step-By-Step

It isn't going to be easy to take on The Forsaken and defeat the Dark Aether, but we have everything you need to know about how to complete the Forsaken Easter Egg. All you need to do is follow these steps and make sure you don't die!

  • Enter the Facility
    • Follow on-screen objectives, activate the Teleporter
  • Enter the Observation Tower
    • Follow on-screen objectives, through Main Street
  • Repair the Fuel Processing Teleporter
    • Find the four items you need to fix this Teleporter
      • Fryer Cage - Inside Burger Town, near the cola dispensers or cash registers;
      • Cathode-Ray Tube - Inside TV Store, on a metal cart near some potted plants;
      • Focusing Lens - Inside Cinema, near the candy display, the movie posters, TVs on a shelf, or in a mannequin's hands;
      • Circuit Board - Inside Video Store on 1F, on a wooden crate under the staircase or near the wire spool;
  • Lift the Lockdown
    • Follow on-screen objectives into the Observation Tower
  • Get the Forsaken Wonder Weapon
  • Activate Pack a Punch Machine
  • Trigger The Forsaken
    • Open the shuttered window in the Observation Tower to trigger a cutscene - this will bring Zykov and The Forsaken back...
  • Collect the Fuel Tank
    • You will need to activate the Fuel Processing area, triggering a lockdown which you must survive, in order to get the Fuel Tank. The button to do this is opposite the Teleporter on the left.
  • Destroy the Large Aether Crystals
    • There are three in total, one on the rooftops, one in spawn, and one in The Amplifier area;
    • These can be destroyed with the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon;
    • Each Large Aether Crystal destroyed will spawn a Crystal Shard Tactical throwable;
  • Fill the Fuel Tank
    • Throw a Crystal Shard Tactical into the mouth of an Abomination - this should trigger a voice line and cause an orange glow on the Abomination's tail. Then, you need to kill the Abomination to "charge" the Crystal Shard Tactical. This should fill your Fuel Tank. You will need to do this three times.
  • Build the Neutralizer
    • You will need three items to build this. You can build this on a Crafting Bench on Main Street.
      • Filled Fuel Tank - follow the step above to fill a Fuel Tank;
      • Collect the Monitor - Use an ARC-XD (2,000 Essence purchase) to destroy the wall leading behind the counter in the TV Store. The Monitor is behind this. To activate the ARC-XD Wall Buy, you can shock the Grand Prix Machine in the Arcade with an Electrical Ability - Tesla Storm or Dead Wire Ammo Mod. Then, drive it through a vent behind the counter and detonate.
      • Collect Housing Unit - This will be dangling from a "lunar lander" object in the right corner of the Board Room (when you enter through the main entrance). You will need to bait an Abomination into attacking the corner where it is hanging to knock it down for you to collect it.
  • Activate the Neutraliser
    • This will start an Escort mission. You will need to follow the Neutraliser and "fuel" it with orange Aether Crystal Shards which you can pick up during its route.
  • Prepare for the Boss Fight
    • After this Escort mission, a Der Wunderfizz, Pack a Punch, and Crafting Table will spawn. Now's your chance to get geared up.
  • Defeat the Forsaken
    • You can do this by shooting the Aether Crystals on The Forsaken to expose Weak Spots. Then, charge Maxis and use the charged weapons to attack these Weak Spots.

This is the basic step-by-step guide on how to complete the Forsaken Easter Egg. The new round-based Zombies map hasn't been out long and there are more secrets to uncover. We will keep this updated if there's any other useful information discovered.

Wondering what's going on? Treyarch has put together this helpful "Story so far" video. You can check it out below:

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