Cold War Zombies Countdown: New World At War Easter Egg discovered

Season 6 has finally started and that means there's a new Cold War Zombies experience ready to jump into. We're still waiting on the Main Quest, but there's a lot to look for in Forsaken - the final round-based map in Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode. Here's the latest...

ANOTHER EASTER EGG? - Nacht Der Untoten is back

As a homage to the origins of Call of Duty's Zombies mode, Treyarch has thrown a World At War Easter Egg into their new map - Forsaken. You can play around in the first area of Nacht Der Untoten, the first round-based Zombies map, mid-game!

All you need to do is get an Arcade Token and stick it into the World At War Arcade Cabinet in Forsaken's Arcade. ModernWarzone has checked it out already and we have a full guide to this Easter Egg here.

Happy hunting, Requiem!

NEW PERK UPGRADES - What does PhD Slider do?

Cold War Zombies' PhD Slider is going to be a Perk-a-Cola you're going to want to get your hands on in Forsaken - the Season 6 Patch Notes have revealed that there's going to be a few upgrades worth keeping an eye on.

Here's what PhD Slider does at its Base Tier, and all the Tier upgrades to look out for:

  • Base Tier Ability
    • Sliding into enemies triggers an explosion. The size and damage increase the farther you slide before impact
  • Skill Tier I
    • Immunity to environmental damage while sliding
  • Skill Tier II
    • Increased slide duration
  • Skill Tier III
    • Immunity to self-inflicted explosive damage
  • Skill Tier IV
    • Increased slide speed
  • Skill Tier V
    • Falling from a large height will trigger an explosion. The size and damage increase the higher you fall

If you combine this with other Cold War Zombies perks like Speed Cola and Stamin-Up... You'll be sliding your way around the high-round games with ease.

RELEASE DATE - When does Forsaken come out?

The Forsaken Zombies map is expected to release alongside the rest of the Season 6 content due to be added to Black Ops Cold War. This means we should see it added and available at the following times:

  • 21:00 October 6th - PST
  • 23:00 October 6th - EST
  • 04:00 October 7th - BST

We don't know how big the Season 6 download will be, however, you can preload it from the following times:

  • 21:00 October 5th - PST
  • 23:00 October 5th - EST
  • 04:00 October 6th - BST

This should help you with getting into the new Zombies experience as soon as possible when it launches.

MAIN QUEST - When will this be available?

The Forsaken Main Quest - also known as the Easter Egg - isn't going to be available at launch. We don't know exactly when it will be available, but usually, the Main Quest is activated around 12 hours after the map has been released.

With this in mind, we should see the Main Quest become available in-game at around the following times:

  • 09:00 October 7th - PST
  • 12:00 October 7th - EST
  • 17:00 October 7th - BST

Take this with a pinch of salt until confirmed, but if it isn't available by the time specified above it should be within 24 hours of the map's release.


Forsaken's Wonder Weapon is going to be a force to be reckoned with. It's going to be part Aether Crystal Axe and part "rapid-fire energy weapon". As you can see below, it's quite the spectacle and it should be a welcome addition to Black Ops Cold War Zombies' array of Wonder Weapons.

Forsaken Zombies Release
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TIME TO DIE - Them, not you. You'll be fine with the new Wonder Weapon

If you want to get your hands on it, you should be able to throughout the Forsaken Main Quest. In addition to this, it will appear in the Mystery Box and the Trials Machine throughout the Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience.

If you're lucky, it might even drop as loot after you kill a tough Elite Enemy. Be careful, though... Mimics are still a threat and they always appear as rarer loot...


PhD Flopper is back - sort of - and it might be the final Perk joining Black Ops Cold War Zombies. PhD Flopper is going to be called PhD Slider in Cold War's Zombies - due to the lack of a diving mechanic - and it should be a welcome addition to the experience.

When you slide with PhD Slider, you should create a small explosion. The longer you slide before impact with a Zombie, the larger the explosion. We don't know the exact details, but there's also going to be an upgrade that will improve its ability to negate self-inflicted damage.

Forsaken Zombies Release
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SLIDE INTO IT - This new Perk could be great fun

If you want to use a lot of Frag Grenades, the War Machine, or something like the M76 Grenade Launcher... This Perk-a-Cola will be a must-buy.


In addition to all the content mentioned above, Season 6 is also introducing two new Support Weapons to Black Ops Cold War's Zombies experience as a whole.

The Hand Cannon, which is currently available as a Scorestreak in Multiplayer, is going to be a craftable weapon in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Furthermore, the RC-XD is joining Zombies. However, it's going to be called an ARC-XD - basically an Aether-powered RC-XD. It should still work the same way.

Forsaken Zombies Release
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HAND CANNON - Should be useful in a pinch!

These will both be available at Crafting Stations in all round-based Zombies maps and Outbreak.

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