When can you Preload the Black Ops Cold War Season 6 title update?

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Treyarch's Season 6 update for Black Ops Cold War is here and we're just waiting for the start of the next season, now. It is going to be the Ultimate Showdown between Stitch and Adler, the Ultimate Showdown between Requiem and Omega, the Ultimate Showdown between you and the enemy. You won't want to miss it.

UPDATE - Preload is available right now!

You can now preload the Season 6 update for Black Ops Cold War on all platforms. Treyarch still hasn't released the full size of the Season 6 update, though.

This would suggest that the overall file size increase is less than the update you'll see on your console or PC. This isn't completely out of the ordinary and will be welcome news to console players who are pressed for storage space with Black Ops Cold War and Warzone both installed. Together, the games are well over 200GB.

PRELOAD TIME - When can you install the update?

Black Ops Cold War's Season 6 update should be available to preload at an earlier time than the Warzone version of the update. This means, despite the shared content, it's important to know which game is updating when.

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 should be available to preload as a title update at the times below:

  • 21:00 October 5th - PST
  • 23:00 October 5th - EST
  • 04:00 October 6th - BST

We don't know how big the Black Ops Cold War Season 6 download is going to be - although, it should be around the same size as the previous seasonal title update. If anything, it might be a bit more because of the new Zombies map. Treyarch should release their Patch Notes ahead of the preload time for the update, so we'll know soon.

RELEASE DATE - When does it come out, though?

If you decide to preload the Black Ops Cold War Season 6 update, you're going to want to know what time you can play the new content. The Black Ops Cold War Season 6 content is due to be released a day after the preload time for the update...

  • 21:00 October 6th - PST
  • 23:00 October 6th - EST
  • 04:00 October 7th - BST

Season 6 is introducing Alex Mason as an Operator, alongside a handful of new weapons, three new Multiplayer maps, and a new round-based Zombies map that's going to showcase the thrilling conclusion of this chapter in the Dark Aether storyline. PhD Flopper is back - in a way - and that's enough to convince us it's worth playing.

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