New Cold War Zombies map could be the best Dark Aether map yet

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Forsaken is going to be the final round-based Zombies map being added to Black Ops Cold War - it isn't the final entry into the Dark Aether Storyline, though. We're expecting a bombastic final outing from Requiem and Omega Group as they battle it out in one of Black Ops Cold War's most iconic locations: Anytown, USA. Here's what we know.

What is Anytown, USA, anyway?

Anytown, USA - also known as Amerikatown - is the fictional American Town that features in the Black Ops Cold War campaign mission "Redlight, Greenlight". It might look nice from the inside, with a Burger Town just a stone's throw from a theatre and an arcade, however, it's actually a mock-up built by the KGB to prepare sleeper agents for assignments on American soil.


So... It's a little sinister, all things considered.

We know the layout of the new Zombies map is going to be somewhat similar to the layout we've seen in the campaign mission - however, there's going to be a few Aether Portals to shake things up. We're also expecting Treyarch to have a few secrets up their sleeves for this one - it's the final Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, after all.

We should see a Forsaken Zombies Trailer release on October 5th at around 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST. However, take this with a pinch of salt as it's unconfirmed. Preloading should begin soon after the time specified above, though.

New Wonder Weapon just dropped

Forsaken wouldn't really be a new Zombies map without a new Wonder Weapon, would it? The Chrysalax is joining Cold War's arsenal against the undead - it sounds a little bonkers!

It's going to be a Dark Aether axe, but also a rapid-fire energy weapon? We're not sure which we like the sound of more but we can't wait to check it out!

" Forged in the Dark Aether, there is more to this Wonder Weapon than what appears on its surface, boasting the ability to convert between a powerful battle axe and a rapid-fire energy weapon."
Black Ops Cold War Season 6 New Zombies Map Forsaken Wonder Weapon
READY TO DIE? - This is the perfect Zombie-killer, really

The Chrysalax is going to be available from the Mystery Box and the Trails Machine, but also feature prominently in the Forsaken Easter Egg - when we find out more about that, we'll let you know.

FORSAKEN - The final round-based map

Treyarch has confirmed that Forsaken is the final round-based Zombies map to be added to Black Ops Cold War. It's due to arrive at the start of Season 6 on October 7th and here's what we know so far...

It's going to close out the "opening chapter" of the Dark Aether Storyline and it's going to feature " a massive new Aetherial portal being constructed in western Ukraine".

" With Agent Maxis understanding the path ahead of her – and her own role in determining the fate of our dimension – the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher."

There isn't actually a lot of specific information out there at the moment, but Treyarch should reveal everything we need to know over the next couple of days. Could this be the best Black Ops Cold War Zombies map yet? We really hope so.


Redlight, Greenlight, Dark Aether, and more

We might not know too much about the new Zombies map just yet, but Treyarch has seemingly just revealed the location. Earlier, they Tweeted the following teaser:

" Weaver -
This is the place. We must make our stand here.
- Ravenov. "

You might recognise the building in the image - that's because it's the Soviet Base from the Black Ops Cold War campaign mission "Redlight, Greenlight." Inside the Soviet Base, there's a whole "fake town" being built for training purposes. Could we see something similar in the Zombies map? We can only hope so.


RELEASE DATE - When is the new Zombies map coming out?

At the moment, we don't know for sure exactly when the next Black Ops Cold War Zombies map is coming out - however, we do have a rough idea. Treyarch has stated that the next round-based Zombies map is in the works and due with Season 6.

Here's what was said in the Treyarch blog post regarding Season 5 Reloaded...

" Zombies players will get access to the new Rampage Inducer in round-based maps to immediately turn up the action to epic levels, and in Outbreak, we’re delivering the new Armada Region and Black Chest World Event, as well as new narrative Intel to set the stage for the finale of Black Ops Cold War Zombies in next season’s round-based map."

This means we could see the new Zombies map drop as early as October 7th - when Season 6 is expected to start. However, the statement made could also mean that the next round-based Zombies map will be released "in-season".

WHERE NEXT? - Where do you think we're headed for the next Zombies map?
Credit: Black Ops Cold War New Zombies Map
WHERE NEXT? - Where do you think we're headed for the next Zombies map?

From what we know so far, the Dark Aether Storyline that was started in Black Ops Cold War is going to be continued in Call of Duty Vanguard. Treyarch has confirmed they are working on Vanguard's Zombies, so it makes sense to continue the Dark Aether narrative being developed... Doesn't it?