AC Valhalla Asgard: How to get there, Valka the Seer & more!

The latest Assassin's Creed title is taking the gaming world by storm.

Having amassed a huge number of players already, players are starting to progress far through the storyline.

One such area that players are struggling to get to is Asgard.

In this article, we'll be going over the steps you have to complete in order to get there!

Valka the Seer

One of the first steps to reaching Asgard is to make sure you have a level 4 settlement.

valka the seer
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THE SEER: Once Valka is on your ship, you're good to go!

Once you have a settlement at level 4, Valka should join the ship.

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Unfortunately, needing to own a level 4 settlement means that this feature will not be available for new players at the start of the game.

Asgard Potion

Once Valka the Seer has joined the ship, he will use herbs to prepare a hallucinogenic potion for you.

ac valhalla asgard
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ASGARD: The location looks phenomenal on next-gen consoles

Upon drinking said potion, you will be transported to Asgard.

Interestingly, Asgard has its own storyline entirely, which should take about 10 hours for players to complete.

Asgard Fast Travel

In order to be able to travel to the location when you want, you need to do a couple more things.

AC Valhalla fast travel
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FAST TRAVEL: Simply select the eye and click "Wake Up"

Firstly, you need to complete the first section of the storyline.

Furthermore, we highly recommend upgrading your gears and that you are level 70.

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Asgard is a Power 90 area, so you don't want to enter the area unprepared!

Once you are ready, the area can be travelled to by selecting the eye on the map, and selecting "Wake Up".

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