How to play solo in Apex Legends

The Chaos Theory Event and Switch port of Apex Legends launch today, bringing some things to the game beyond skins and new modes.

One of the new features is the ability to play solo, and not just part of a limited time event.

How to Play Apex Legends Solo

According to the Patch Notes for the Chaos Theory update, "No-Fill Matchmaking is a new way to play the game as a solo Legend."

No-Fill Matchmaking is what Respawn are calling solo play in the game from now on.

There technically isn't a solo mode in the game, and one isn't being added, but you'll be able to play alone in any of the existing modes.

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From now on, there will be a box that says "Fill Matchmaking" and you can check or uncheck it. By default, it is checked, so you'll always be given squad mates.

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Uncheck the 'Fill Teammates' option

If you uncheck it, you'll be thrown into the action on your own, as a solo player against teams of three or four, depending on what game mode you selected.

So, to play solo in Apex Legends, untick the Fill Matchmaking box and look for a match. You should then be playing as a squad of one.

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Why to Play Solo Queue

Respawn has released a list of reasons you might want to play Apex as a solo player.

  • Warm up, drop hot, and get into lots of fights
  • Focus on completing certain Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Challenge yourself—can you win a round of Duos alone? How about Trios?
  • Experience the latest lore teaser on your own
  • Explore the map and experiment with characters you haven’t tried before; Take an opportunity to learn a bit more about the game at your own pace.

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It's worth noting that there are some restrictions to solo play in Apex Legends.

  • It is not available in Ranked play
  • A maximum of 6 solo players will be allowed in any game, so you might struggle to find matches.

Otherwise, jump in and have fun.

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