Apex Legends can now be played solo, kind of

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Apex Legends has always focused on being a team game, with the core mode being Trios.

Over the years we've seen Solo, Duos, and Squads make an appearance, but Trios is always the one constant in the game.

But, not every player want to be in a team mode all the time, and Respawn Entertainment has finally listened, sort of.

Solos Are Back.......Kind Of

Season 8 has brought many changes to the game, but one that may have flown under the radar is the option of No-Fill Matchmaking.

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SOLO: Sometimes players just want to play on their own

This new feature allows players to queue on their own rather than with teammates, this can be especially handy if players don't like speaking to other players, or don't own a microphone.

The downside, you still have to queue in Apex Legends' team-based modes, which will naturally put most players at a disadvantage.

There will only be up to six solo players in any lobby, meaning the game won't turn into a solo game and is still intended to be team-based.

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Respawn Entertainment has suggested some scenarios and ideals for playing in No-Fill queues.

  • Focus on completing certain Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Warm up, drop hot, and get into lots of fights
  • Challenge yourself—can you win a round of Duos alone? How about Trios?
  • Experience the latest lore teaser on your own
  • Explore the map and experiment with characters you haven’t tried before; Take an opportunity to learn a bit more about the game at your own pace.

Nintendo Switch Trailer

Ahead of the official launch next week, Respawn Entertainment has released a trailer showing off Nintendo Switch gameplay.

Check it out below.

To help Switch players catch up on the Season 8 Battle Pass, they will be granted 30 free levels and will earn double XP for the first two weeks after launch.

For a limited time, Switch players can also get an all-new Legendary Pathfinder skin - P.A.T.H. - .

Looking to make an instant impact? Unlock all Legends through Season 7, get over $100 worth of exclusive cosmetics, and 1,000 Apex Coins with the Champion Edition.

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