Apex Legends: New animated short, "Gridiron", confirms exciting fan theory

If you're looking for Bangalore lore you've come to the right place! Respawn Entertainment's latest "Stories from the Outlands" short has just been broadcast on YouTube and it's a fantastic new exploration into Bangalore's lore and the narrative around her brother. Here's the latest.

Bangalore lore is the best kind of Apex Legends lore

Apex Legends' "Stories from the Outlands" short is all about how Bangalore found herself in the Outlands - it's a wonderful exploration into her relation to her brother and what her IMC military training means to her. It's also an explanation as to where she got her heirloom - a story a lot of fans have been interested in.

It also strengthens the ties between Apex Legends and Titanfall - we already knew they were set in the same universe, but the marrying of the two continues to thrill fans of both games and the future of Respawn Entertainment's shooter franchise.

With confirmation that Bangalore's brother, Jackson, is alive... Could we see him included in the roster for Season 12?

You can check out the video below and watch this all for yourself:

When does the next Apex Legends short start?

If you're eager for some more Apex Legends content, you don't have long to wait. Respawn Entertainment's next "Stories from the Outlands" short is scheduled to be released at the following times:

  • 08:00 PST - January 4th
  • 11:00 EST - January 4th
  • 16:00 GMT - January 4th

Officially, there's nothing to say that this is about Bangalore - but the image that Respawn Entertainment is using as the title card for the short is telling. The weapon being used to cut the unusual fruit is a design often seen in use by IMC Pilots - Bangalore's presumed-dead brother is an IMC Pilot.

This has led to quite a few people suggesting that this short is going to be exploring this area of Apex Legends' lore - a lot of people are under the impression that Bangalore's brother isn't actually dead.

This isn't completely unfounded either - towards the end of Season 10, an IMC Pod appeared in Olympus with teasers regarding Bangalore and her brother. It wasn't directly related to the content we saw added to Apex Legends in Season 11 - but perhaps this was Respawn Entertainment laying the groundwork for an exciting reveal tomorrow.

A lot of the time, "Stories from the Outlands" shorts reveal the next playable character. However, with the introduction of Apex Chronicles Events last year, we could see this short used to kick off another narrative-based in-game event ahead of Season 12. Only time will tell...

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