Apex Legends Anniversary Event Details

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The Apex Legends Anniversary Event is starting later today!

Apex Legends is 2 years old next week, and with Season 8 fast approaching, Respawn Entertainment are in the mood to celebrate.

LATEST - Event Start Time

Now we know what day the Anniversary Event is due to kick-off, we can start to figure out when it will start.

The Apex Legends Anniversary Event is due to kick off today, February 9th, and it should begin at 18:00 GMT.

This is the usual time Apex Legends events begin and there doesn't seem to be any indication that this one will be different.

Are you looking forward to the festivities? Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect to be on offer.

Anniversary Collection Event Set Release Date

After an accidental leak for some players, it appears that the Apex Legends Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event is coming sooner than we think!

As Apex Legends goes into its 2-Year celebrations, this event appears to be dropping February 9!

You can check out an unofficial look at what's in store below:

From this, we can see that this collection is bringing new cosmetic items and crafting materials via limited-time Apex Legends Packs.

There is no word whether these will be earnt through gameplay or the virtual currency: Apex Coins.

No Fill Coming In Season 8

Apex Legends has always been a team-based game.

But back in November 2020 during as Reddit AMA, Apex Design Director Jason McCord confirmed a No Fill option was being tested and worked and that it would be coming in Season 8.

This will allow players to finally play solo if they want.

However, it won't be available at launch, and will instead be implemented later on.

Celebration Event

Apex Legends was released on February 4th 2019, Season 8 is set to begin on February 2nd, so the timing line up pretty perfectly for the game.

Usually with each Celebration Event a new Heirloom is released, giving players the opportunity to grab some new rare items.

This time it seems that players may be granted 150 Heirloom Shards to get a free Heirloom that is already in the game.

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The Gibraltar Heirloom Set was just released on January 5th, so it hasn't been too long since it was released, which could be the reason why a new one isn't being released next month.

According to data miner Shrugtal, to celebrate the anniversary of Apex Legends, there will be a lot of new skins and items to unlock and purchase, but they will mainly be recolours of current skins, rather than brand new cosmetic items.

From what we've seen so far, the new recolours do look really good, but some fans may be unhappy with the decision to recolour existing cosmetics rather than releasing new ones.

But with the Fight Night event only taking place a couple of weeks ago, it might not be a bad thing to give players' wallets a break.

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Season 8

Apex Legends Season 8 kicks off in just a few days on February 2nd, bringing mayhem to King's Canyon with the arrival of Fuse.

Fuse is an explosives expert that has a mechanical Grenade Launcher attached where his right arm used to be, so you know things are about to get hectic with him in the game.

Map Changes

Ahead of the new season, a new gameplay trailer was released which shows that King's Canyon has been partly destroyed with the arrival of Fuse.

The north side has been heavily damaged which has opened up new areas to explore and fight in.

Season 8 is set to be the most chaotic season yet and should live up to the moniker "Mayhem" when it launches on February 2nd.

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Nintendo Switch Port

When Apex Legends came to Steam last year, it was also due to launch on the Nintendo Switch at the same time.

However, that version was delayed as they worked to improve performance and quality.

It is now due to be released on February 2nd alongside Season 8.

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This is a perfect time for new players to jump in and check out the game for the first time.

The Switch has its fair share of f2p games, including Fortnite, Warface, and Warframe, and it will be interesting to see how Apex Legends performs from a visual and framerate perspective when it releases next week.

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