Apex Legends Season 8 Early Patch Notes - Welcome to Mayhem

Apex Legends Season 8 is coming next week, and after Apex's most successful season yet - we have some high hopes.

EA have given players a set of early patch notes for what's coming for Apex Legends Season 8, and it's looking explosive!

Latest News - Celebration Event

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Apex Legends, which also coincides with the start of Season 8, there will be a Celebration Event.

Usually, with each Celebration Event, a new Heirloom is released, giving players the opportunity to grab some new rare items.

This time it seems that players may be granted 150 Heirloom Shards to get a free Heirloom that is already in the game.

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According to data miner Shrugtal, to celebrate the anniversary of Apex Legends, there will be a lot of new skins and items to unlock and purchase, but they will mainly be recolours of current skins, rather than brand new cosmetic items.

Early Patch Notes

The early patch notes for Season 8 have dropped, here is everything we know so far.



  • Making Amped Cover more efficient by adding 45 health


  • Changing her hitbox to be more similar to other Legends


  • It seems that Horizon’s tactical ability is going to be the main change


  • Hitbox changes could also be on the way for Revenant


  • Respawn wants to make Wattson more appealing and are finding ways to make them more eligible as a choice


  • Fix for decoys making too much noise with footsteps


  • Caustic hammer breaking doors

Quality of Life

  • In-game damage tracker added

Bug Fixes

  • Heirloom store not showing all Heirlooms
  • Players told they are buying Gibraltar’s Heirloom when buying Caustic’s Heirloom
  • Legend skins for Mirage and Bangalore affecting aim down sights
  • Errors relating to private matches
  • Players can’t hear each other in cross-play lobbies

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Apex Legends Season 8 Gameplay Trailer

The brand new Apex Legends Season 8 Gameplay Trailer is massive, offering the first in-game footage of Fuse, and tons of other awesome things.

If you want to see the Season 8 patch notes in-action, check out the Apex Season 8 Gameplay Trailer below:

Welcome to Mayhem!

It's time to bring the boom, Mayhem is just around the corner!

But what exactly can we expect to see in the eighth instalment of the hit battle royale title?

New Legends

We've had our first new legend confirmed, and he goes by the name of Fuse.

FUSE! He'll take some stopping!
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FUSE! He'll take some stopping!

Described as a "blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy", Fuse is sure to be a hit with those who like to get stuck into the action.

He's also known to lack a plan, sounds about right in the caranage that ensues in the Apex universe!

New Weapons

It's not just new characters heading to Season 8, there will also be a plethora of new weapons.

We've had one confirmed so far, Salvo's most popular weapon, the 30-30 Repeater

30-30 REPEATER! The lever-action rifle packs a punch!
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30-30 REPEATER! The lever-action rifle packs a punch!

The new lever-action rifle will be able to do damage from mid-to-long range thanks to it's hard hitting rounds.

No Fill Coming In Season 8

Apex Legends has always been a team-based game, leaving little option if players want to just play on their own.

Back in November 2020 during as Reddit AMA, Apex Design Director Jason McCord confirmed it was being tested and worked and that it would be coming in Season 8.

However, it won't be available at launch, and will instead be implemented later on.

Mayhem Battle Pass

As always there will be a new Battle Pass to accompany the inbound Season 8.

EA are remaining coy on exactly what will feature in the Mayhem Battle Pass, but we do know that there will be over 100 items including Legendary skins, Apex packs, Holo-Sprays & more!

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