Apex Legends Season 4 System Override Event News: Deja Loot, Cosmetics, Assimilation Packs, PS4 & Xbox Patch Notes

There will be a new limited-time event coming to Apex Legends, and its called 'System Override'.

This event will run from 3-17 March, featuring a new mode called Deja Loot, as well as plenty of new items and Assimilation themed packs.

There's also going to be a greatly-anticipated Heirloom set for Octane, and a big March update launching on consoles today, so continue reading for everything you need to know.

March Update

While we don't know the time that the new Apex Legends patch will be going live, we predict (based on past launches) that it will be available to download by 8 pm (GMT).

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OVERRIDE: This event will see record numbers of players flock to the battle royale game

That said, early patch notes have confirmed all the big meta changes that we will see.

This includes inventory tweaks, as well as the launch of the new System Override event.

Full patch notes shared by Respawn can be found on EA's website.

Deja Loot (Limited time mode)

If you have ever picked up a stunning R-301 and body shield at the same spot in Apex Legends, part of you was definitely hoping that this exact loot would be the same specific part of the map, next time round.

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AGAIN? Players will see loot reappear in previously seen locations, thanks to this new event

Well, now Deja Loot will see all items of loot spawn in the same location every match for as long as the event is running.

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The idea behind this event is to shake-up how people play the game.

The first week of Deja Loot will take place on the current World’s Edge map, with the second week taking place in Kings Canyon.


The limited event will offer a brand new shield for Legends to try out, called the Evo Shield.

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PROTECTION: The Evo Shield could become a permanent fixture in Apex, even after this event ends

The Evo Shield starts out weaker than a white common body shield, but as you deal damage to opponents throughout the match the shield becomes stronger.


You’ll be able to notice players wearing them thanks to their perpetual glowing animation.

Cosmetics & Challenges

Like what happened in Apex’s last big event, the Grand Soiree Arcade, there will numerous ways to earn more cosmetics, loading screen and weapon charms.

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GIMME THE LOOT: Players who collect all 24 special edition pack items will unlock the Octane Heirloom set for free

There will be 24 themed cosmetics coming with the Override event.

All of them will also be available (through direct purchase) in-game using Apex Coins or Crafting Materials.

Players should note that unlocking all 24 System Override Collection Pack Items during the event will unlock the Octane Heirloom set for free.

That's all the details we have for now but check back in soon for our updates.

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