Apex Legends Season 4: 'Deja Loot' mode widely criticized by community

We were finally introduced to Revenant as a new legend when Apex Legends Season 4 began, and it's had a pretty big impact on parts of the World’s Edge map.

That said, Respawn Entertainment dropped the System Override event pretty soon after, which gives players the opportunity to pick up some new cosmetics and the new Evo Shield.

The biggest part of this event was supposed to be the Deja Loot mode – which allows loot to respawn during games.

There have been mixed reviews so far about the limited-time mode, with some fans backing it, and others writing it off as being poorly executed.

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In a stream, professional gamer and former CS: GO professional 'Shroud' was opening System Override packs when he was asked for his thoughts on Deja Loot mode.

When asked for his real opinion of the limited-time mode, Shroud quickly responded:

"Terrible. Poorly executed, as always."

He kept it pretty brief, jumping straight into some games of Apex Legends.

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Shroud didn’t actually say anything else about the new mode after this, so it is pretty difficult to gather what his issues are with Deja Loot.

That said, “poorly executed” suggests that the changes haven't been thoroughly thought out or implemented.

The System Override event is set to finish on 17 March, so the Deja Loot mode will not be around for much longer.

It is also unlikely that the developers will change anything before it ends.

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