Apex Legends Jester: Abilities, Spectres, and More

Apex Legends Jester

Apex Legends Season 15 is here, and the dust has settled on Broken Moon, with the addition of new defensive legend Catalyst and her very unique kit. The Wintertide collection event is also on the horizon, bringing tons of new content for the holiday season.

Jester is rumoured to be coming to the Apex Games very soon according to a leak, complete with his abilities and some more very exciting information. Here's everything you need to know about what he'll bring to the game.

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Apex Legends Jester Abilities

Jester is looking like a very tactical play style, with an emphasis on pyrotechnics and area control. We know Jester works as an independent hunter, so setting traps is one of his specialties.

Apex Legends
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  • Passive: Rewire - Spawns with a frag grenade and can turn any grenade into a proximity mine
  • Tactical: Spectre Drop - Drop Pod with three Spectres in guard position
  • Ultimate: Cloak Field - Creates an area of invisibility that lasts for roughly six seconds

Especially with the Ultimate, Jester sounds like a tough legend to master, as pinpoint placing will be paramount. It does sound like, however, that if you can get the hang of it, Jester could have one of the most powerful kits in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Spectres

Spectres are still pretty new to Apex Legends, so if you need a refresher we've got you covered. Jester will character in Apex Legends to actively utilise them with an ability, however.

Apex Legends Spectre
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Spectres are NPC Gaurd Units, that can be found on Storm Point. Originally created for Titanfall, they now provide guard services to a few select POIs in the battle royale gamemode.

Once killed, they also drop ammo, but it's unclear whether Jester's will do the same. One thing's for sure though, when he is released, Jester will be a meta defining legend in Apex Legends.

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