Apex Legends: Best Legends to Play in Season 14

The latest season of Apex Legends is bringing some big meta changes. Players may feel a little overwhelmed with all the changes and to know who to play.

With a new legend, changes to King's Canyon, and some weapon changes. It's no wonder that this new season has big hype behind it. However, it can seem a little confusing on knowing who will fit in with this meta.

So, let's take a look at which Legends are good for Season 14: Hunted and why.

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Vantage in season 14

Vantage Apex Legends
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Of course, this article would be amiss if we didn't mention the key Legend of the season. Vantage. However, just because she is new, doesn't mean she is good.

Although, there have been some changes to the game which also help her to get the kills. With the Wingman now taking sniper ammo, she has a wider choice of weapons to choose from. The addition of the Relic POI also means she can snipe from the top of that huge skull too.

Gibraltar and Bangalore

Gibraltar Apex
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Gibraltar and Bangalore have a particularly good advantage this season. This is because of the changes made at the Hillside POI in King's Canyon.

The whole Hillside POI has been made more open. Ultimates from these two legends thrive in open spaces. This means that they have more space to get their damage off and can contribute more.

Bloodhound in season 14

Bloodhound Apex
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Bloodhound is one of the OGs of Apex Legends. Their brilliant visual abilities really help the team know where to fight and who to kill. Additionally, this also works well with the sniper focus of this season.

Season 14: Hunted in Valorant is gearing up to be a heavy recon-inspired season. With the release of Vantage and certain changes made to help the class. Best be getting your aim practice in.

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