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Apex Legends Season 14 Vantage Release: Abilities, Details, Echo, and More

Season 14 of Apex Legends has brought some map changes, aesthetic changes, and some shifts in the meta. However, one of the most exciting bits of content is Vantage, the newest Legend to join the Apex Games.

The survivalist sniper was raised by her single mother in a harsh snowy wasteland. They were totally self-sufficient and hunted their own food. They 'never mind the outside world' as Vantage's Mum 'searched it and found nothing'. However, with Vantage joining the Apex games, is there really nothing out there?

So, let's look at the latest Apex Legend and see what her abilities look like in the game.

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Vantage abilities

'The star of the show is Vantage' says Senior Design Director Evan Nikolich on Season 14 of Apex Legends. With the new mechanics and kit that she brings to the game? We can see why.

Evan Nikolich also stated that she is the 'overwatch support of the team' and provides her allies with crucial updates on enemies' locations. She can do this by using her furry friend Echo, or with her rifle.

Vantage from Apex Legends
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Here's an overview of all of her abilities.

  • Spotters Lens (Passive) – The zoom feature lets the legend get info on the location of the enemy team. It also utilises a shield and can share the spotter information with teammates. It negates bullet drop.
  • Echo Relocation (Tactical) – Vantage can order Echo around the field. She can also launch herself to his location using her jetpack.
  • Sniper’s Mark (Ultimate) – Marks a target and does 50 damage. This is increased to 100 damage if the enemy is marked. The mark also increases damage after an ally hits that marked enemy.

All of Vantage's abilities can be seen in action here, on her Legends Character Trailer.

Echo details

Echo is the furry friend of Vantage. The bat helped her when she was stuck in a sticky situation and ultimately saved her life. Their close bond is not one to mess with. Although Echo cannot be killed, attempting to hurt him will only make Vantage track you down.

Vantage and Echo from Apex Legends
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Their relationship showcases the first Legend in the game to have an animal friend. Echo relocation is a brilliant ability on Vantage due to her sniper abilities. Additionally, this helps teammates with knowing where and when to fight.

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