Apex Legends: Beasts of Prey Event, Rewards and How to Get Them

Apex Legends Beasts of Prey collection event is starting tomorrow and comes with a bunch of new content.

There are some brilliant cosmetics, game modes, and a brand new heirloom being thrown into Apex Legends.

The styling of all of these is based heavily around the Alien film franchise and provides plenty of spooks before Halloween.

So, let's take a look at all of the rewards and how to get them in the Apex Legends Beasts of Prey event.

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Reward Track for the Beasts of Prey event

Apex Legends have brought in a new system of tracking for all their players.

A new reward tracker will allow players to see their daily challenges as well as the rewards.

Apex Legends Beasts of Prey reward tracker
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Providing motivation to keep working through the event, this is a great way to see your own progress in an event.

Beasts of Prey rewards

Here are all the rewards from the reward tracker and how many points are needed to get them.

  • 250 Points: Beast of Prey Badge and Beast of Prey Music Pack
  • 500 Points: Legend tracker
  • 750 Points: Legend tracker
  • 1000 Points: Rare Apex Pack
  • 1250 Points: Legend tracker
  • 1500 Points: Spiked Backpack Charm
  • 2000 Points: Legend tracker
  • 2500 Points: Legend tracker
  • 3000 Points: Vantage skin
  • 3500 Points: Devotion skin
  • 4000 Points: Legend tracker
  • 5000 Points: Flatline skin

How to earn the rewards

For players to get the free content in the newest collection event, daily challenges must be completed.

To earn all of the free rewards, players must complete three days' worth of daily challenges.

Apex Legends Loba skin
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The points earned increase with each tier of the tracker, so the items will arrive a lot faster the more you progress.

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