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Apex Legends and Monster: How to Claim Skins, Rewards, and More

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Respawn Entertainment is working with Monster, the energy drink company to bring some new content for Apex Legends players.

Monster is departing from the usual daredevil stunts and moving to a more relaxed environment by working with Apex Legends.

However, getting the free content is very simple and the rewards are a great way to show off to the enemy team.

Included with the rewards are a new skin, battle pass levels and some tracker sets too.

So, let's take a look at how to get this free content from Monster and Respawn to use in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends rewards

Apex Legends players can access the free content from Monster by buying Monster cans which are in the collaboration

Additionally, on the can itself, there will be graphics on the back side which show Octane or Wraith. These cans are the ones you need to get your in-game content.

Apex Legends and Monster collaboration
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However, the more cans you buy, the better and more rewards you get. Here are the rewards received and how many cans you need to access them.

  • 1 can – Rare Pathfinder skin
  • 2 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 3 cans – Pathfinder tracker set and Battle Pass level
  • 4 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 5 cans – Rampart tracker set and Battle Pass level
  • 6 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 7 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 8 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 9 cans – Battle Pass level
  • 10 cans – Battle Pass level

How to claim these rewards

Claiming the rewards from buying these Monster cans is very simple.

All players have to do is buy the cans and take a photo for them through the Monster campaign website.

  • Check if your Monster Energy can qualify for the promotion. All products that have the Apex Legends design or a black ring pull are eligible
  • Login to the Apex Legends and Monster energy campaign website
  • Complete the online form
  • Submit an image of your full receipt for your Monster can (one per day)

After this has been completed, players will see the new content for however many cans they have submitted so far.

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