Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event - rewards, challenges, and more

Apex anniversary collection event four years

Apex anniversary collection event four years

Apex Legends has hit four years old and Respawn Entertainment are celebrating!

With a brand new anniversary collection event, there are bundles and bundles of cosmetics for all players!

The game was launched in 2019 and has amassed a huge community full of loyal players.

So, what better way to celebrate the teams and the community than with a large collection event?

One of the big sellers for this event is that there are even 12 skins made by the community included.

Talk about fan service.

So, let's take a look at the collection event in Apex Legends celebrating the four years that the game has been released.

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Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Items List

Here is the full item list for all of the cosmetics in the the game's Anniversary Collection Event.

Legends Skins

  • Bass Drop - Gibraltar
  • Freestyle - Lifeline
  • Surround Sound - Pathfinder
  • Cosmic Enforcer - Bangalore
  • Cosmic Phaser - Wraith
  • Cosmic Protector - Newcastle
  • Tagged Tracker - Bloodhound
  • Subculture - Seer
  • Technowitch - Catalyst
  • Biohazard - Octane
  • Biotechnic - Ash
  • Biophysic - Horizon

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Weapon Skins

  • Biomechanic - R-99
  • Subwoofer - Nemesis
  • Enforcer of Justice - R-301
  • Signature Solution - Mastiff

Holosprays and Banner Frames

  • Big City Beats - Universal Frame
  • Hall of Heroes - Universal Frame
  • Peak Performers - Universal Frame
  • Lethal Laboratory - Universal Frame
  • Kick It! - Universal Holospray
  • To the Rescue - Universal Holospray
  • Ready to Shred - Universal Holospray
  • No Escape Now - Universal Holospray

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Challenges and Rewards

Players can collect points for completing specific challenges as is usual for Apex events.

Up to 1,600 points can be learned every day, so you can't max out and grind all day every day.

Here are all of the challenges in the event...

  • Year 4 Anniversary (Banner Badge)- Epic- 250
  • Year 4 Anniversary - _miyann (Transition)- Rare- 500
  • Apex Pack- Rare-500
  • Surf's Up (Universal Frame)-Epic-750
  • Apex Pack- Rare- 750
  • Daemon Hunter (Car Skin)- Epic- 1,000
  • 4th Anniversary (Holo)- Epic- 1,000
  • Gone Fishing (Universal Frame)- Epic- 1,250
  • Apex Pack- Rare- 1,250
  • Here Comes The Party- Epic- 1,500
  • 50 Crafting Metals- N/A- 1,500
  • Reality Eradicator (Wingman Skin)- Epic- 2,000
  • 50 Crafting Metals- N/A- 2,000
  • Storm Point Sunset (Universal Frame)- Epic- 2,500
  • Arctic Fusion (Fuse Skin)- Epic- 2,500
  • Year 4 Anniversary - GOrlassar (Transition)- Rare- 3,000
  • Apex Pack- Rare- 3,000
  • City Celebration (Universal Frame)- Epic- 3,500
  • Anniversary Collection Pack- Epic- 3,500
  • Static Specter (Wattson Skin)- Epic- 4,000
  • Apex Pack- Rare- 4,000
  • Anniversary Collection Pack- Epic- 5,000

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