Apex Legends Season 16 Game Modes - arenas sunset, TDM, and mixtape

Apex Legends season 16 is bringing some new changes to the current game modes.

When one door closes, another opens and the same is true for the shifts we expect this season.

Team Deathmatch coming to the game has already been confirmed. But, sadly, something else will have to leave to make space.

However, Respawn Entertainment has been especially generous with two new game modes being added to the game.

Season 16 has a huge focus on the game as it stands rather than new content, including no new legend.

So, has Respawn got it on the head with these changes to the game modes?

Let's look at what will be different in season 16 of Apex Legends with the game mode changes that will be implemented.

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Arenas are Leaving Apex Legends

To make space for the new team deathmatch game mode, arenas will be leaving Apex Legends for the foreseeable future.

This was a fan-favourite for many players in the community and is sure to be missed by many.

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Team Deathmatch Enters the Apex Games

It has finally been revealed that Team Deathmatch is making its way into the different game modes available.

This has been a long time coming for Apex Legends as many fans pester the company about this.

APex Legends Wraith
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TDM is a game mode where players have to stack as many kills as possible in order to win.

It has now been revealed that the game mode will be a 6v6 game mode with a fast respawn.

The first team to 30 kills wins the game and players are able to pick their loadout just like in Control.

The maps included in this game mode are...

  • Party crasher
  • Habitat
  • Skulltown

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Mixtape Launches

Mixtape is the brand new game mode added to the game.

Apex Legends Mixtape
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The permanent game mode will start with control, TDM, and gun run and is perfect to take a break from the battle royale mode.

However, mixtape will evolve to include other game modes every so often. This could even include older game modes no longer available.

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