Apex Legends Season 16 Patch Notes - everything we know so far

Apex Legends Revelry banner header

Apex Legends Revelry banner header

Apex Legends has had a bunch of new content and information revealed for its season 16.

With a new gun, some new game modes, no new legend, and more, there's a lot to take in for this big season.

Fans are feeling a mixed reactions to the news that there will be no new legend to the game.

On one hand, it's disappointing that this will be the first season without a new legend added to the game.

However, it's also good that Respawn Entertainment is focussing on the current content they have to upgrade it.

This means that the meta for the game in season 16 should be greatly improved.

But, what is being added to improve the game? Let's look at what all players should expect to see in season 16 of Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Classes and Perks

Legends are getting even more legendary with new remastered classes that will transform the Games.

The roster is divided into...

  • Assault
  • Skirmisher
  • Recon
  • Controller
  • Support

... to better highlight what makes every Legend stand out, along with special perks for each.

Team Deathmatch LTM

An iconic Team Deathmatch mode comes to the game.

Players will join squads and drop into a 6 vs. 6 match where points are scored by killing opponents, and the best of three rounds wins the match.

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Mixtape Apex Legends Game Mode

Coming shortly after the launch of Revelry, Apex Legends will be introducing a brand-new persistent playlist of rotating modes called Mixtape.

The new feature will give players more ways to compete as they can jump into fan-favorite game modes Team Deathmatch, Control and Gun Run with little downtime.

Meet your Nemesis

Revelry introduces the Nemesis, a new energy-class assault rifle that fires four rounds per burst.

With a ramping burst delay that decreases the time between bursts and simulates a fully automatic weapon, the Nemesis is sure to be a game changer.

Orientation Matches for new Apex Players

First-time players in the Outlands can try the new Orientation Match system, which creates an easy introduction.

New players can gather their bearings and learn the core mechanics of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Revelry Banner
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Play solo or bring friends to eliminate some bots before joining the regular matchmaking queue.

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Login Rewards

To celebrate Apex Legends’ anniversary and its amazing community, every player will receive login bonuses for the first two weeks of Revelry.

Login to Apex Legends: Revelry from Tuesday, Feb. 14 to Tuesday, Feb. 21 to automatically unlock Crypto, with a thematic Pack guaranteed to include an item just for him.

Login from Tuesday, Feb. 21 to Tuesday, Feb. 28 and unlock the incisive instigator Ash and one of her themed Ash Packs to brandish her new style.

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