Apex Legends Update 2.10 - full patch notes, bug fixes, details, and more

Apex Legends update 2.10 was released yesterday and the full patch notes have now been released.

Apex Legends season 15 was the big update we had this month which brought some brand-new content to the game.

With a new map, a new Legend, and a bunch of new POI and map changes, this smaller update won't be as hefty.

It just focuses on the smaller details with bug fixes and small quality-of-life improvements in-game.

So, let's take a look at the full patch notes for update 2.10 in Apex Legends and how they will affect players.

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When was Update 2.10 Released?

Update 2.10 was released yesterday, November 8 2022.

This was the first update since the season 15 release and just focus on smaller details of the game.

Catalyst from Apex Legends
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Players have had a bit of time to experience these smaller changes on the day that it has been released.

However, what are the changes that came to the live game yesterday?

Apex Legends Update 2.10 Full Patch Notes

So far, Respawn Entertainment has not yet released the official patch notes for this update.

However, the official Apex Trello boards have given us an insight into what we should expect to come in the patch.

This is all speculation at the moment, so remember to take this with a pinch of salt.

Here's what we should expect to see in Apex Legends...

Coming in Future Patch – Investigating:

  • Game crashes if player unplugs an audio device.

Workaround: Players should connect all desired audio devices, then launch Apex to avoid these issues.

  • Players have no audio if a headset is plugged in while the game is already running.
  • Banner incorrectly displaying players in “Rookie” Rank when they are not.
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