Apex Legends: Catalyst Abilities CONFIRMED

Apex Legends Catalyst has had some groundbreaking news as the first transgender legend in the game.

This alongside her brilliant design and abilities has left fans swooning over her.

Catalyst has had her possible abilities leaked for a while now. And they seem to be pretty accurate.

Respawn Entertainment has officially detailed Catalyst's abilities and how she will bring some huge changes to the game.

So, let's take a look at Catalyst's ferrofluid abilities in Apex Legends.

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Catalyst ferrofluid

Catalyst is originally from Boreas and worked with ferrofluid to help develop settlements on the moon.

Because of this, her abilities all come from her ability to control ferrofluid with magnets in her gloves.

Her design is even her old work uniform spruced up a little.

So, here are the confirmed abilities of the latest legend added to Apex Legends.

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Catalyst confirmed abilities in Apex Legends

  • Tactical, Piercing Spikes – Catalyst throws ferrofluid onto the ground which creates spikes. When enemies walk onto these spikes, they are damaged and slowed. Piercing Spikes has a long range.

  • Passive, Barricade – Catalyst can use ferrofluid to reinforce doors and walls. They are vulnerable to bullets or explosives.

  • Ultimate, Dark Veil – Catalyst throws ferrofluid which rises to create a permeable wall. Enemies can walk through the wall, however, they will be slowed and will be blinded when they go through the other side. This wall also blocks scan tech and is great to divide up the battlefield.

Catalyst synergies

Because Catalyst's abilities are focussed on CC or controlling the field itself, she does great with defensive or high-mobility characters.

Caustic or Wattson are great for Catalyst as they can use her abilities to reinforce the frontline for any damage Legends.

Octane from Apex Legends
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High mobility Legends such as Octane and Pathfinder are also great with this legend.

Creating a slowdown for the enemies means that faster allies can catch up much easier.

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