How to tune into today's Xbox Games Showcase Extended show

The ESA's E3 2021 might have just ended, but that doesn't mean Xbox is done just yet. They're going to be hosting another presentation which aims to shine more of a light on some of the titles we saw (and didn't see) at E3 during the Xbox Games Showcase.

It's not too far away now...

LATEST - Xbox Games Showcase Recap

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase was a fantastic event and arguably the high point of E3 2021. If you missed out, Xbox has a nifty summary for you below:

That's right, 27 of the 30-odd titles shown as a part of the show will be available on Xbox's Game Pass service on day one. It's absolutely massive when you consider what this means for the industry. Subscription services could be the future.

It was also revealed that Starfield will be an Xbox exclusive title, as expected, and there were several new announcements.

How To Watch The Xbox Games Showcase: Extended

The show will be live-streamed in the same manner as the E3 showcase. The only exception being that it will not be available on the E3 website. The two main ways to watch will be via the Official Twitch and Official YouTube pages.

The show will take place on Thursday, 17 June at 6pm BST.

Who Will Host The Xbox Games Showcase: Extended

As with any event, online or in-person, we need a good host! In this case, we have exactly that in long time Xbox supporter Parris Lilly.

Parris has been a huge personality in the Xbox community for years now as part of GamerTag Radio and the Kinda Funny XCast. He has also featured on IGN's flagship Xbox podcast, Podcast Unlocked.

What Will Be Shown

We have some confirmed titles being showcased during the event. Psychonauts 2, The Outer Worlds 2, Hellblade 2 and Sea of Thieves are all slated to be talked about.

Note that these games may not be explicitly shown in the traditional sense. The idea behind the this showcase is to get a more 'behind the scenes' look at these games and their studios.

It's interesting that Hellblade 2 didn't feature at all during the E3 showcase at all, so we will be keen to see what they have to say now. Developer Ninja Theory is fantastic for giving fans a peek behind the curtain and that's what we expect them to do here.

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