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E3 2021 Day 4 Recap: All Of The Biggest News From Day 4

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There we have it, E3 2021 is over and there are no more presentations or showcases left! The closing day of the show was almost entirely owned by Nintendo. They had their E3 Direct followed by their Treehouse presentation.

What did they reveal and what did we learn about their most anticipated upcoming titles.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

To close the show, we got out first look at Breath of the Wild 2 gameplay. The game appears to be the same setting as the first game, with the added verticality of being able to roam free across the skies.

The Calamity appears to still have its grips in Hyrule and it has taken parts of the world and raised them into the skies. As Link, we will be tasked with fighting back against the threat and traversing these sky islands throughout our journey.

At the end of the trailer we were not given a firm release date, but they did anticipate a 2022 release window. Many were hoping for a release date to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the Switch, but this would likely have been confirmed in the show. Instead we expect a Q3/4 release date.

Metroid Dread

At E3 2021 we have confirmation of the first 2D Metroid title in almost 20 years. It also comes with a very close release date for 8 October 2021. The game will follow series protagonist Samus Aran as they explore a deadly alien world, all while being stalked by the mysterious E.M.M.I robots.

Mario Party Superstars

We were not long treated to Mario Party 9, but now we're getting Mario Party Superstars on 29 October 2021. This 'best-of' title will take the most popular maps and mini games from across the series and pack them all into one game.

The online features and functionality added to Mario Party 9 will also be present from launch. Meaning you can play with friends or strangers online and even save progress within games to return to later on.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Remastered Collection

For fans of Sega's popular physics based monkey puzzle game, this was a dream E3 2021 announcement. They're bringing back Super Monkey Ball 1, 2 and Deluxe all in one remastered title. The game will also include online multiplayer for all those crazy minigames which are sure to be just as good today as they were upon release.

The game will release this year on 5 October 2021. While this was presented during the Nintendo Direct, it will be coming to all console platforms and PC on the same date.

WarioWare: Get It Together

Finally we have the return of WarioWare! The micro-game collection is returning and does so with a full story campaign included. If you know and love WarioWare though, multiplayer is where its at. The game will of course feature fully integrated multiplayer features for both co-op and competitive modes.

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