Is Metal: Hellsinger Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Metal: Hellsinger is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2022 but that comes with some disadvantages. As more people learn about the game, many start to wonder whether or not they want to spend their hard-earned money on the game. Enter, Xbox Game Pass.

So, is Xbox Game Pass able to secure another top title on release for its blockbuster service? Let's take a look.

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Is Metal: Hellsinger on Xbox Game Pass?

In short, YES! It was very recently revealed that Metal: Hellsinger will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass from release day. There is no doubting that this is a huge get for the service especially given that there is no news of the game arriving on PS Plus at this time.

This is, however, quite the late announcement with the release of Metal: Hellsinger due on Thursday, 15 September. There will be an early access period for players who have pre-ordered the game, this offers access to the full game from Monday, 12 September.

Will Early Access Be Available Via Game Pass?

This is very hard to determine right now. Games that enter Xbox Game Pass typically have a discount should you wish to purchase the full version. It gets a little complicated knowing that Metal: Hellsinger won't enter Game Pass until its regular release date.

At the time of writing, there is no additional discount being offered on Metal: Hellsinger in relation to Xbox Game Pass. It could be revealed in the next few days that a discount will be available but it's looking unlikely for now.

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