Everything We Know About Redfall

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We now know what Arkane Austin have been working on since Prey. At the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase it was revealed they are working on a brand new IP, titled Redfall.

Redfall has been described as a single-player or co-op open world immersive shooter. No more details were given but the reveal was accompanied with a beautiful announcement trailer.

Redfall Reveal Trailer

Redfall was officially revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 showcase. We were treated this this long reveal trailer which had plenty of action and humour. It follows a cast of four heroes taking refuge in a ransacked store.

From here, we work backwards to figure out how they ended up in this situation. It turns out there are Vampires about and they have a cult like following. We see a fight ensue between our characters and the bad guys in the open streets.

Just as it seems the good guys have the day won and sunrise is imminent, we zoom out to see a supernatural creature blocking out the sun.

Redfall Release Date

While we have no exact date, a time frame has been given. At the end of the reveal we see Summer 2022 given as a potential time release window.

Redfall was a trademark registered by Bethesda that actually had people believe it was the subtitle of the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6.

Is Redfall An Xbox Exclusive?

Yes, Redfall will be exclusive to Xbox consoles. This is part of the Xbox and Bethesda partnership which started earlier this year. The game will also launch day and date on Xbox Game Pass.

Redfall joins Starfield as the Bethesda titles that will not be released on PlayStation platforms. Fear not, as the games will still be coming to PC should you have a system capable of running them.

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