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Elder Scrolls 6 Still In 'Design Phase'

Bethesda acknowledges that The Elder Scrolls 6 will be a key pillar in their portfolio, but it appears that other projects are at the forefront right now. That's not to say that the game is being ignored, but it's certainly appears to be on the backburner right now.

Elder Scrolls 6 was absent from E3 2021 so instead, we got to hear about Starfield. "Skyrim in Space". There are some eagled-eyed and albeit hopeful, fans who feel like Bethesda's Todd Howard has hidden some information about the next Elder Scrolls game in the Starfield Reveal Cinematic Trailer.

Here's everything we know below.

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LATEST - Todd Howard Comments On Elder Scrolls 6 Development

After being mentioned only in passing at E3 2021, Todd Howard has spoken a little more about the current state of The Elder Scroll 6, but fans may not be happy.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Todd talks about how fans should think of Elder Scrolls 6 as still being in 'the design phase'. He expands further to discuss how it's a case of checking that their new Creation Engine 2 can handle everything they want to accomplish in-game.

It will be hard to hear for fans of the franchise who figured a new game could be due as early as 18 months from now. The recent comments appear to led more credit to the proposed 2024-25 release window instead.


Hammerfell Confirmed Via Starfield?

The Starfield Reveal Cinematic Trailer was, by all accounts, a beautiful clip. A few of the details were a bit blurred, but it set the scene well. There was also one stain/marking on a surface that supposedly resembles West Tamriel.

We know, we know... It's the Among Us Chicken Nugget all over again, but there is some mild credibility to the suggestion.

Hammerfell and the surrounding areas have been a long-rumoured setting for Elder Scrolls 6 and we doubt Bethesda are opposed to dropping teasers and hints in their communications. The fact that a lot of fans think the unusually clear stain in an otherwise blurry Trailer looks like the map for Hammerfell could mean it actually IS a teaser...

Not convinced, you can check out the trailer for the Xbox Exclusive yourself below:


Elder Scrolls 6 Mentioned, But Not Shown At E3 2021

Fans of The Elder Scroll series will have to wait a little longer for a peek at the next game.

Once thing we did learn is that the supposed subtitle of the game, Redfall, is in fact a brand new IP from Arkane Austin. This will be disappointing for fans, but shows that the leaks did contain actual information, just misinterpreted.


This could also mean the belief that Q4 2024 is the release window is also accurate.

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

We don't know a release date or window yet for Elder Scrolls 6. We have had our tease a few years back and nothing since. The slightly worrying thing for fans of the series is that Starfield is possibly released first, meaning the wait could be a few years yet.


Knowing how Bethesda tend to operate, it is incredibly rare for them to release two major self-developed titles in one year. A leak from earlier this year that we'll address later suggests the release could be as far away as 2024.

Elder Scrolls 6 Leaks

We have seen some footage of Elder Scrolls 6 leaked. It isn't the most exciting clip and it is very short. It has been confirmed to a few sources that the gameplay is real but is from a very early build of the game. Given that nothing of interest happens in the clip, there's nothing that needs to be defended.


The above video is from YouTuber Skullzi TV where he shows the clip and offers his opinion. Had it been a clip of combat which was running poorly or was buggy, it would understandably be concerning. However, a short clip of the player character running in a field, in first person view, is quite tame.

Elder Scrolls 6 Setting

Again, no confirmation has been made for the subtitle or setting of the Elder Scrolls 6. We have, however, seen another leak suggest that the subtitle will be Redfall. The setting of the game is set to be in the Hammerfell and High Rock areas according to this leak.


The leak also suggests that the timeline will place Elder Scrolls 6 five years after the events in Skyrim. Lastly, to offer to credibility to these leaks, the user suggested that Starfield would be released next year. This is contrary to multiple sources believing it could release in 2021.

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