These Xbox games are expected at E3 2021

E3 is one of the most exciting times of the year for gamers across the world.

Developers, publishers, and studios from all across the world come together to reveal their latest games and hardware and give us an insight into what to expect for the upcoming year.

After being cancelled this year, E3 is back in 2021 and we have no doubt that developers will have a lot of games to show off, especially with the next generation of consoles launching in late-2020.

Here is what we can expect from Microsoft during their Xbox presentation at E3.

LATEST - E3 2021 Hosts Revealed

The hosts for the E3 2021 event have been announced.E3 2021 will be hosted by Greg Miller, the co-founder of entertainment outlet Kinda Funny, Jacki Jing, an Emmy-nominated TV journalist who has worked with IGN, and Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez, a professional esports commentator and also commentator for NBC’s The Titan Games.

Xbox At E3 2021

Microsoft has been a bit slow off the mark when it comes to new and exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X|S.

So far we have seen Sony release multiple exclusive PlayStation titles, such as Destruction All-Stars and Returnal, but Microsoft doesn't really have anything except for third party titles.

But that doesn't make that Microsoft has been sat doing nothing this entire time, they have really been working on making Game Pass the go-to hub for games, with the recent acquisition of Bethesda, the inclusion of EA Play on Game Pass, and the day one release of Outriders and MLB: The Show 21 on the service.

Only relying on third-party titles for the beginning of the Xbox Series X|S launch wasn't part of the original plan.

Halo Infinite was due to be a launch day title for the new system but was ultimately delayed after fan backlash when the gameplay was revealed.

This led to 343 Industries delaying the game by approximately one year to really improve the game, so not a bad move as when it does arrive it should be a much better title than what we were going to receive.

So when it comes to E3 2021, all eyes will be on Xbox, with anticipation to see the changes made to Halo Infinite and whether the year delay was worth it.

This is also the time when Microsoft will likely show off all of the tricks they've had up their sleeves.

We can expect to see many top upcoming Xbox exclusives such as Forza, Perfect Dark, and Fable, as well as upcoming titles from Bethesda/ZeniMax including Starfield and hopefully The Elder Scrolls VI, although we're not putting too much focus onto that because it is unlikely.

Insider Leaks Information

Microsoft insider Klobrille revealed in a Reseta forum thread what we can expect to see from Microsoft at E3 2021.

Klobrille predicts that we will see Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV, Halo Infinite, and Starfield at the event.

“Add Age of Empires IV and I’m confident this is their AAA quadruple punch this Summer, independent whether all these 4 actually make a release this year or not”

They also gave some insight into Forza Horizon 5 and it looks like the game could be arriving much sooner than expected.

“I'm with Jeff Grubb on this one and do expect FH to show up this Summer. I also might have an idea about the location, which is not Japan, but that info didn't went too well with FH4 the last time, so let's leave that to the team!”

Only time will tell what Microsoft has in store for us at E3 2021, but if Klobrille is correct, it should be a very exciting show from Xbox.

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