July 2021 Games With Gold Games Revealed - Countdown

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The Games With Gold announcements have just released and that comes with plenty of disappointment, once again. This being said, it gives players a chance to try games that aren't all that popular.

Here's what you'll find and when you can play them.

Latest - Games With Gold Revealed

This month's games are Planet Alpha, Rock of Ages 3, Conker: Live & Reloaded and Midway Arcade Origins.

If this works like usual, you can play them next week.

Xbox Games With Gold July 2021 Reveal Date

Generally, Xbox's Larry Hryb reveals the games on similar days every month. Generally, you can expect to see the reveal on the last Tuesday of the month and this month was no different. Here are April's games to show the general format.

This general trend continues and we saw the next announcement at around 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST today.

What To Expect

Every Month we see 4 games, two of which being from the Xbox One and the other two being from the Xbox 360.

Generally, the Xbox One games tend to be a little on the cheaper side and sometimes indie where 360 see a AAA title and something a little different.

You can then claim them from the Xbox home menu and add them to your games library for the future. As long as you have gold, you can play them. You can claim half of the games on the 1st of each month and the other half by the 16th. The following section is our original predictions in all their inaccurate glory. oh, we were so naive.

Games With Gold Predictions

Our predictions may be a little bit of wishful thinking this month but it would be a great way to end a great E3 showcase.

We could maybe see Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice next month. It's old enough to not be too expensive but also new enough to justify the cost. With Elden Ring getting a release date, it would make sense to see it. From here, our other guesses are the great indie title Return of the Obra Dinn, Lego Marvel Avengers and Alan Wake

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