WWE 2K23: How to download the new World Heavyweight Championship

WWE 2K23 New World Heavyweight Championship

WWE 2K23 New World Heavyweight Championship

WWE 2K23 has shown itself to be one of the best wrestling games of all time, with the swarth of content available in the Community Creations tab certainly helping its endurance.

Things change a lot in the world of WWE and the recent re-introduction of the World Heavyweight Championship has gotten everyone talking.

Of course, this title has not officially been added into the game by 2K, but you can always rely on the Community to get the job done.

With that in mind, we want to show you how you can add the new World Heavyweight Championship to your game.

WWE 2K23 World Heavyweight Championship

A brand new World Heavyweight Championship has been inserted into the WWE landscape, and whilst the design may split opinion, it's certainly a welcome addition to the roster.

Thankfully, you can also add this title to your roster as well in WWE 2K23 via the Community Creations tab.

Community Creations allows players to create or download arenas, superstars, titles, and much more.

WWE 2K23 Community Creations
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ENDLESS CHOICE - Community Creations is the best way to spice up your game

To access Community Creations, you need to go to the main menu and select the online tab.

Then, select Community Creations and click on it. After that, click on the downloads option.

If you follow all these steps, then you will be able to download unique characters, arenas, titles, images, and much more.

When searching for the new Heavyweight title, you can filter the results to only show title belts, and then the new design will be on the 'most downloaded' tab.

WWE 2K23 World Heavyweight Championship
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NEW LOOK TITLE - The new World Heavyweight Championship is in WWE 2K23

Alternatively, take a look at the image above and search for the hashtags or creator name in order to find the new design.

WWE 2K23 Creation Suite

The WWE 2K23 Creation Suite is the ultimate customisation tool, allowing you to create your own superstars and turn them into WWE legends.

The Creation Suite gives you a host of items that you can use to make your superstar fit the bill, with superstar-specific and unique items all up for grabs.

WWE 2K22 Creation Suite Create A Superstar Arena Championship Title Cross Platform Community Creations
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STARTING CLASS - This year's Creation Suite lets you choose a Class from the start

It's easy to get lost in this centre of creativity, with text editors, colour wheels and more quickly getting you engrossed in producing your ultimate customised superstar.

Of course, the creation suite doesn't just enable you to edit your own superstars, you can also create title belts, arenas and entire shows.

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