WWE 2K23: How to download DLC

WWE 2K23 Hit Row

WWE 2K23 Hit Row

WWE 2K23 has arrived to much critical acclaim, with the game boasting an incredible mix of Superstars on its roster.

With a perfect blend of present-day destroyers and legends from years gone by, there's no doubt that 2K Games have perfected the offering this year.

However, the fun hasn't stopped yet, with the roster set to expand in the coming months, with new DLC packs dropping throughout the game's cycle.

Stars like Bray Wyatt and Wade Barrett are all set to feature in these upcoming DLC packs and we've got you covered for the easiest way to download these stars and add them to your WWE 2K23 roster.

WWE 2K23 How to Download DLC

DLC packs are being released on a monthly basis in WWE 2K23, with one pack already released and numerous more set to follow.

These packs contain 5 Superstars, mixing legends and current talent.

WWE 2K23 Store Menu
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EXPAND THE ROSTER - DLC packs are constantly being released

Downloading DLC can be quiet convoluted believe it or not, with these packs hidden in the menus and a general game restart needed in order to add them to your roster.

In order to download new DLC packs in WWE 2K23, you need to:

  1. Start up WWE 2K23 and navigate to the main menu
  2. Move from the main menu to the 'options' menu
  3. Select 'Store'
  4. Depending on your platform, select the first option within the store tab, which will either be 'PlayStation Store', 'Xbox Store', or 'Steam Store'.
  5. Once you have opened your console's store, find the DLC pack you wish to download
  6. Select this pack and download
  7. Once the download is complete, be sure to return to the main WWE 2K23 menu in order for your saved data to update.
  8. All downloaded Superstars appear in their own section in the Superstar Selection tab and can be found in the usual alphabetical order as well.

If your Superstars still aren't appearing on your roster following the download, it may be worth closing the game and starting again.

WWE 2K23 Steiner
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BIG POPPA PUMP - Steiner is coming to WWE 2K23

If the download has worked fully, you should be shown a message prompt that will list the new downloaded Superstars that are now available for selection.

When is WWE 2K23 DLC coming out?

A host of DLC packs have already been added to WWE 2K23, with more to come in the future.

WWE 2K23 Bray Wyatt
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BRAY RETURNS - Bray Wyatt is coming as part of a WWE 2K23 DLC Pack

WWE 2K23 fans have plenty of new and exciting content to look out for.

This will make sure the game continues to feel fresh, and also offers players a better gaming experience.

Click here to discover the release date for all DLC packs in WWE 2K23.

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