When is WWE 2K23 DLC coming out?

wwe 2k23 dlc

wwe 2k23 dlc

The WWE 2K23 DLCs help the game remain fresh by adding some great exclusive content.

WWE 2K23's first DLC will bring us some new superstars, increasing the already star-filled roster of the game.

So, let's find out everything about WWE 2K23 first DLC.

When is WWE 2K23 DLC coming out?

DLCs help games remain fresh and offer players plenty of exclusive content that will bring them back to the title.

WWE 2K23 knows that in order for players to stick around the game can´t be stale, so they release DLCs that will keep users interested in the game, and even attract some new players.

There will be a total of five DLCs scattered throughout the year.

As mentioned above, the goal is to systematically add new content to the game, making the game much more fun to play.

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Scott Steiner is coming on the first WWE 2K23 DLC pack

It will also insure WWE 2K23 is not a one-and-done release, and that the community can always wait for more exciting content.

Every DLC will introduce five new superstars into the game.

Some of these five superstars will be rising stars, while others are WWE legends.

This allows fans to recreate historic matches, using the legends the DLC adds to the game.

It also makes them available for the Universe mode, where they can make their dream matches happen.

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Players will be able to recreate historic matches with the WWE legends that come on the DLCs

The first DLC will come out on April 19 and will add Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, B-Fab, Top Dolla, and Ashante Adonis.

As mentioned above, the other DLC packs will also add a mixture of current WWE superstars and legends.

The remaining packs will be released on May 17, June 14, July 19, and August 16.

So, WWE 2K23 fans have plenty of new and exciting content to look out for.

This will make sure the game continues to feel fresh, and also offers players a better gaming experience.

Season Pass Price

Last year, the WWE 2K22 Season Pass cost $39.99, and we're expecting that price to remain the same this year.

The pass certainly represents good value, becoming worth its value immediately when you consider that most DLC packs will release for $9.99 each.

With the added content for other modes, the WWE 2K23 Season Pass becomes a must-have for WWE die-hards.

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