WWE 2K23: How to cash-in Money in the Bank

WWE 2K23 Becky Lynch Champion

WWE 2K23 Becky Lynch Champion

WWE 2K23 is finally here, with this year's game taking things to the next level.

Speaking of the next level, there is something of a cheat code hidden in the game that lets you propel your favourite superstar to the top of WWE 2K23.

An iconic item in the WWE landscape, Money in the Bank is a guarantee of a title fight and can be used in many different ways.

From announced cash-ins to surprise moments, here are the three ways you can cash in MITB (Money in the Bank) in WWE 2K23.

How to Cash in Money in the Bank

There are three ways in which you can cash-in Money in the Bank in WWE 2K23:

  • Announced cash-in
  • Surprise cash-in
  • Post-match cash-in

These three types of cash-in can all be used in Universe Mode, with MyGM making things a lot easier for you.

WWE 2K23 Money in the bank
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CASHING IN - You can surprise any champion mid-match

Firstly, you will of course need to crown your MITB winner, either by way of a match or by simply assigning them the briefcase in the Universe Mode options.

From there, you can plot their path to the top.

Announced cash-in

The most basic - and simple - of the cash-in options is the announced cash-in.

For this, simply ensure your MITB winner and targetted champion are on the same show.

WWE 2K23 Money in the Bank
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LETTING THEM KNOW - An advanced cash-in isn't as advantageous for the MITB holder

In the show section of Universe Mode, you should then see an option light up for 'Announce Cash-in'.

If selected, this will automatically create a title fight between your champion of choice and the present MITB holder.

Of course, this option can only be selected once and, if your MITB holder loses, they cannot try again.

Mid-Match cash-in

The mid-match cash-in option is the perfect surprise attack on your targetted champion.

This option is available by pressing start on your controller and bringing up the settings.

In the settings options, you will see an option for 'Cash-in'.

WWE 2K23 mid-match cash in
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MAKE IT HAPPEN - A mid-match cash-in will cause a triple threat

Pressing this will not immediately trigger a cash-in, but it will make sure the champion comes out mid-match, at some point.

Usually, this cash-in will take place when your targetted champion is standing tall.

Note: cashing in mid-match will cause the match to become a Triple Threat.

Post-Match cash-in

The most unreliable of the three is the post-match cash-in.

Much like the post-match break-out counter that appears after matches, you can get a similar indicator offering the chance of a MITB cash-in.

This usually appears when the targetted champion has been through a difficult match and is in a vulnerable position.

WWE 2K23 Becky Lynch Champion
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AND NEW - Cashing in money in the bank can lead to title glory

It's important to note that this option will not always come up and can be unreliable.

In order to best increase your chances of having this option appear, ensure you're in a normal one-on-one match and have no planned post-match attacks.

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